How to say “you are the woman of my life” in a romantic way

You have met the rare pearl. This woman is your everything: your best friend, your soulmate and your partner. She is there to share your moments of joy with you, to celebrate your successes, but she is also there when you are not well. When you have problems at work or with your family, you turn to her for comfort.


When you feel depressed about the vagaries of life or because you are having trouble seeing where your path is heading, you appeal to his instinct, his guidance and his positive outlook on the world around him. You need this woman to feel fulfilled, complete and happy.


Your relationship seems to be going well. You continue to learn from each other, you are still passionate lovers and you enjoy spending time together. Your relationship appears to be strong, balanced and made to go the distance. Moreover, you have already exchanged the famous “I love you” without complex or restraint.


But, for you, your relationship has come to another level. You have already understood that this woman is perfect for you, that she is your perfect partner and that you want to spend the rest of your days with her. So how do you tell her “you are the woman of my life”? How to express your desire to make this one and only person who matters and who will matter to you for the rest of your life.


To help you reveal your feelings, we have prepared a list of 50 quotes to say “you are the woman of my life” to this person who means more than anything to you. Thanks to these, you will melt his heart and you will be able to express the depth of your feelings to him.


You are the woman of my life, it’s that simple!

Sometimes to reveal the scale of your emotions and the depth of your feelings, words may fail you. Stress or fear of rejection can block your inspiration and rob you of the courage to tell your loved one how much you feel for her. Use the following quotes for inspiration to reveal to your partner that she is the woman of your life!


You are the woman of my life – Romantic Quotes



  1. In your eyes I can see my own soul. You are my world, you are the woman of my life!


  1. I don’t care at all about what’s going on around me as long as my world is happy because my world is you…


  1. You are my strength, you are my inspiration and you are the woman of my life. You are my reason for being and you give me the courage to fight against all the vagaries of life. Thank you my heart.


  1. I have been looking for a long time to tell you how much I love you. I have long sought to find the right words to tell you that I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you. But, I couldn’t find anything better than this: you are the woman of my life.


  1. Maybe you are just one person in this crazy world. But, to me you are my world. So no one else matters. All I want is to make you happy and share the rest of my life with you.


  1. As soon as I laid eyes on you, I fell in love. Even today, after all this time, I love you more than anything. You are the woman of my life. Do you want to make me happy and tell me that you feel the same for me?


  1. The only thing I need to make myself happy for the rest of my life is you. You are my everything, my world and my soul. You are the woman of my life and more than that. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and the source of my happiness. I love you.


  1. Without you I could not live. If I lose you, I lose everything because you are my world and you are the woman of my life.


  1. I think of you when I go to bed at night and when I get up in the morning. I am at the height of happiness because I have, by my side, the most wonderful woman in the world. You are everything to me: my oxygen, my heart, my soul and my reason for living.


  1. You are the only gift I have ever dreamed of. You are the perfect woman and, by your side, I feel like a perfect man. Thank you for everything you bring me because now I finally have everything I wanted.


  1. You are not just my girlfriend. You are my best friend, my advisor, my mentor, my support and my courage. You are the woman of my life because I cannot imagine living a single day without you.


  1. What is my worst nightmare? To lose you. Just thinking about it makes my forehead sweat. You are the woman of my life and if you were to leave, I would be devastated. Please tell me you feel the same. Are you as happy with me as I am with you?


  1. I want to say three words to you. No… I love you, it’s way too trivial. Hmm… I want to say six words to you, you are the woman of my life. This is a sentence that perfectly sums up what I am feeling!


  1. Our relationship is not important to me. For me, she is everything!


  1. Not everyone has the chance to find their reason for living. I was lucky when I met you because, thanks to you, I understood what was the meaning of my life: to love you. You are the love of my existence!


  1. I love you every second of my life. You are my love and my existence. You are the woman of my life.


  1. Some people think I have completely lost my mind. This is not true. I just found the love of my life! I love you so much. And to tell you that you are the woman of my life would be an understatement. You are the air to my lungs and the blood to my veins.


  1. For me, our meeting was the start of my life. And, I know you will be the end of my life too. I want to spend every second of my existence with you and take advantage of every moment that we have on this earth to make you happy because you are the woman of my life.


  1. It is said that love always begins with friendship; Well, I think it’s time to take the next step.


  1. You will never be the love of my life because you have already become my whole life!


  1. Before you, my life was gray and boring. Since I met you, I have a reason to live. It would be impossible for me to live without the love of my life. It would be impossible for me to exist without the woman of my life.


  1. Before I met you, I did not live a full and happy life. Since I have known you, I have been in heaven because you represent everything to me: my present and my future, my heart and my soul.


  1. You are the woman of my life. There is no easier and more explicit way to tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There is no better way to tell you that I am happier than ever and that I do not plan to spend a single second away from you.


  1. When there is no more hope or light in this world, you ignite a spark in my soul. You are my whole life and I have to say thank you. thank you for giving me a reason to exist!


  1. What is love? Butterflies in the stomach? Head full of dreams? No, love is to sit by your side, without saying anything, and enjoying the positive energy that you give off. You are the woman of my life because with you, even the silences have taken on meaning.


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You are the woman of my life – Cute Quotes



  1. When I look at you, I see the sun of my days, the moon and the stars of my nights and the reflection of all that I need to exist.


  1. Beautiful. Smart, Funny. Positive. In short… Perfect! Do I really need to say more to explain why you are the woman of my life?


  1. Everything in me is in love with you. Everything about you gives meaning to my life. I exist to be with you. If you’re not my soul mate, I don’t know what you are. Maybe then you are an angel sent from heaven to make me infinitely happy.


  1. Even surrounded by a crowd of people, my eyes see only you because you are my world and my only reality. Everything else is superficial and hazy.


  1. Everything in my life is wonderful because of you. I think without you my life would be gray and sad. I think without you I would be miserable and boring.


  1. I let you enter my world. Then suddenly you became my world! You are the woman of my life, but these few words cannot really express the depth of my feelings. So let me prove to you how much I love you, every day until the end of time.


  1. My world is in one word: you. Who needs air, food or water when they have the love of their life close to them. Well, maybe we need it to survive but to live, love is essential!


  1. You are my world, my everything and my life. You are the woman of my life. Without you, my world would fall apart. Without you, nothing would be enough. Without you, I would be lifeless.


  1. My love is so deep, so pure and so true that my eyes see only you. Are there other women on this planet? Hmm… I didn’t notice!


  1. Describe happiness in one word? Easy: you!


  1. You are the woman of my life not because you are perfect nor because you are beautiful. But, because when I look in your eyes, I feel serene, fulfilled and happy.


  1. I always feel like I’m in love because, with you, I fall more and more in love every day. Is it really possible? Apparently yes because you are the woman of my life, the woman of my dreams and the woman who holds my soul in her hands.


  1. Each relationship has its own expiration date. I just dream that ours lasts longer than us!


  1. If I had to relive my life again, I would choose you as my partner once again. You are the woman of my life and more than that. You are my soul mate and my source of happiness.


  1. It’s hard for me to tell you out loud how much I love you. I said to myself: write! But, I realize that there aren’t really any words in our dictionary that can define my feelings. You are perfect, you are the woman of my life, you are the reflection of all my desires. I love you !


  1. I love my life because it allowed me to meet you. I love you because you are my life.


  1. Before I met you, I dreamed of a woman like you. Now that you’ve come true, I still can’t believe my luck. You are the woman of my life, today and tomorrow.


  1. When I feel that negativity is choking me, I search for light in your eyes. And, when you put your gentle gaze on me, I come back and see again all the positive that is in my life. Thank you my love !


  1. Your eyes, your lips, your body are magnificent but they do not reach the ankle of the beauty of your soul and the intelligence of your spirit. You are the woman of my life because you are an exceptional person and I try to do everything to, one day, become worthy of you.


  1. You are safe with me, I promise! When you’re scared, look into my eyes, hug me tighter and smile. I’m not going anywhere because you are the woman of my life.


  1. When I think that someone can hurt you or make you sad, I feel like I would be able to destroy that individual. Then I say to myself: she’s strong, she just needs support. So know that I will always be your support and your shoulder.




  1. I am afraid that I am not worthy of you. You are so exceptional and unique that sometimes I wonder if I really deserve you. So I need to be honest with you: you are the woman of my life. Every day you make me better and I hope I can, very quickly, become your ideal man.


  1. I feel blessed because I have met a soul that seeks nothing but a smile and a ray of sunshine. I know you are perfect for me because you are a pure and sincere person. And, I really feel like with you all my dreams can come true. You are the woman of my life because my being shines more since you are here.


  1. Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing that you have the whole world in your embrace. Thank you for being who you are: the woman of my life!


  1. They say that no one is perfect, but for me you are the embodiment of perfection. In my eyes, you are the woman of my life and no other can ever replace you.


We hope these quotes inspired you and helped you find the right words to tell your partner how much you love them

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