How to save WhatsApp chats

Here’s how to backup WhatsApp on Iphone and Android smartphone.

If you are wondering how to save WhatsApp chats so as not to risk losing the conversations you care about most or that you need to always have available, know that you can do it through the backup available directly from the messaging app. Read on if you want to know in detail the steps to take.

If you change mobile phones or want to make sure you don’t lose any conversations you made on WhatsApp, the safest way is to back up by saving your chat history. This function is available by default therefore saving takes place automatically on the phone. However, it is good to do it manually in cases where, for example, you change your mobile phone or  uninstall the application.

WhatsApp: how to save chats

Here’s how to save chat history on WhatApp:

  1. open WhatsApp;
  2. tap More options;
  3. Settings;
  4. chat;
  5. chat backup;

Know that you can also email certain chats to you by exporting it directly from the chat:

  1. open WhatsApp;
  2. open the chat you want to export;
  3. tap More options;
  4. other;
  5. export chat;
  6. choose whether to include media files;
  7. send the chat by email in the form of a .txt file
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