How to save the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts

Are you interested in saving the WhatsApp statuses of some of your contacts ? It is a very simple procedure that will allow you to view them at any time, although there are some things you should know before carrying out this procedure.

The good news is that you don’t need to save them because WhatsApp takes care of it, as we will explain a little below, an interesting idea in case you want to be aware and save them on your computer forever.

More and more users are using this WhatsApp functionality which, although it was controversial at the time, is currently used by millions of people around the world, which shows that “ephemeral” content is in fashion.

Save the States with a screenshot

A good option is to take a screenshot with your mobile , that is, you will have to capture the screen of your Android phone or that of the iPhone. Depending on the model you have of mobile, the procedure can vary a lot, so you must take it into account.

It is not the best option, but at least you will have proof that a certain person posted X status on that day and at that time. In any case, to make the capture you have to see them first and the person who uploaded them will know who has seen it.

Save the States from the .Statuses folder

In case you did not know, every time you enter to see a WhatsApp Status of any of your contacts, the content is automatically saved on our phone . That is, those photos or videos that your friend or family member has uploaded to WhatsApp to create a Status will be saved on your smartphone.

WhatsApp creates by default a folder called “.Statuses” which is where all that content that we are telling you is stored, so it is within there where you can view the WhatsApp Status again. To see them do the following:

  • Download a file explorer to access the internal folders of your Android mobile, for example, the File Manager app:
  • Next, you have to open that application and access the path where the WhatsApp States are stored, in Android 12 it has changed and now it is:

Android / media / com.whatsapp / WhatsApp / .Statuses

  • If your mobile is older, the path is:

WhatsApp / Media / .Statuses or sdcard / WhatsApp / Media / .Statuses

There you will find the states in the form of images, but you should know about it that, although you will see the states again, you will not know who they belong to since the name of the files does not leave any clue about who uploaded that content to WhatsApp .

This folder, where the WhatsApp statuses are stored , is hidden in a very familiar path because to be able to show it you will have to open it with a file manager such as ESExplorer or similar.

We say familiar because the route to reach the WhatsApp States also takes us to the directory where the WhatsApp audios are stored or where the WhatsApp images are stored , among other files that the application generates.

Access the .Statuses folder from your PC and download the Statuses

The internal folder of WhatsApp where the WhatsApp States are stored is accessible from the computer once you connect the mobile using the USB cable, just go to My Device to find your phone and go to the path:

WhatsApp / Media / .Statuses

Inside will be the states in the form of images and you can copy them to your computer. As you can see, it is not necessary to save the WhatsApp States since the application does it automatically when the user views them, creating a folder that is where you can see all the content later, although you can always take a screenshot or have them on your PC.

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