How to save or backup mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird

Since the appearance of computers and the internet, different types of extraordinary tools have been designed and developed whose objective is to facilitate the implementation of different activities and operations carried out by means of one or both elements.

Those that have become more important are all those aimed at facilitating the times and forms of communication . A clear example of this is the popularity of instant messaging applications that have existed for both computers and mobile devices.

The email

Beyond the large number of programs and applications that have had enormous popularity in recent times, there is a communication channel that, although it may not seem like it, is still a fundamental pillar: email.

Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo !, iCloud, many are the companies that have developed email clients or services seeking to gain enough quality and popularity to position themselves as the best of all , implementing interesting tools and functions for greater and better management .

Mozilla Thunderbird

However, to make access to all functions of the email service much easier. The same developers of the Firefox browser set to work to launch what is one of the best email clients that you can find on the web for free .

Thunderbird was launched in December 2004 and had such an impact that, in just 10 days of launch, it exceeded one million downloads .

Despite the fact that this entire project was about to be abandoned during the year 2015, Mozilla subsidiaries have retaken Thunderbird to carry out the corresponding updates to put it back on the top.

The importance of a backup

For absolutely everything you do from your computer, tablet or smartphone, one thing is recommended: backup . The information that you store in each of these devices runs the risk of being lost if they experience failures that could erase your information or render your equipment inoperative.

That is why, from time to time, it is worth making a backup of all the information , documents, music, images and videos stored to access from any other device in the event of these problems.

Backup your email

Although rare, it is also important to  back up the most important information stored in your email. The necessary tools for this are made available to you, precisely, by Mozilla Thunderbird.

In the sections after this paragraph you will be explained, step by step, everything you need to back up your email folders through Thunderbird, so that you have where to turn in case of problems with your e-mail.

Easy access backrest

The first option to back up your email through Mozila Thunderbird is by entering a data folder . Fortunately, Thunderbird collects all kinds of information from your operations through it. So you just have to locate this folder to copy and paste it on another computer or a folder other than the original.

  • Login to Thunderbird.
  • Display the “Tools” menu .
  • Select “Account Settings.”
  • Locate the “Local folders” section.
  • Later, you will see the directory “Thunderbird”.
  • Copy the above directory and paste it into the backup storage destination.

Other alternatives

Beyond how easy it is to back up your email using Mozilla Thunderbird , surely some other user prefers to use other means to do so.

Despite not having continuity in its development. MozBackup has been known for years for quickly and easily backing up profiles such as Mozilla Suite, Thunderbird, and Firefox. Therefore, the best option is still through the location of the folder corresponding to the backup .

Start backing up your email!

As you may have appreciated, it doesn’t take much to back up your email thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird. Secure all the information in the folders now!


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