How to save iOS SHSH2 Blobs automatically

If you are a regular user of Apple iOS devices , you should know that every time this company launches a new version of its iOS operating system, you had to manually save the SHSH2 Blobs, by means of the tools established for this, either with the Telegram Bot or with Tssaver. So that this does not continue to be the case, we will show you how to save iOS SHSH2 Blobs automatically step by step.


And believe it or not, today there is an incredible way that will allow you to   save the SHSH2 Blobs of iOS automatically. You will find the solution on a web page, where you only have to register, then you must add all the devices you have and that’s it, it will take care of the whole process and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

When it comes to Apple devices, we always have to wait for something new to come out that makes our lives easier, as the process of saving the SHSH2 Blobs from iOS was somewhat tedious. Since the whole process had to be done manually . In this sense, it is important to know all the products and services that the Apple company offers its thousands of users around the world.

How to save iOS SHSH2 Blobs automatically step by step

Now, to be able to use this online tool, you need the device identifier and the ECID, be it an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch. This tool is called TSS Saber and below we will show you the simple steps you must take so that this web page saves the SHSH2 Blobs from iOS automatically.

To start with this simple process, the first thing we must do is obtain the ECID, and to do this we will connect the iOS device to our PC. Once this is done we will run iTunes , then we will go to the left panel of the application and click on «Summary». Then click on “Serial Number”, the ECID is displayed .

When it appears you must copy it to the clipboard, the next step will be to get the device identifier. And we will carry out the same step that we did previously to obtain the ECID. We enter the Summary tab and look for the model identifier , if you have an iPhone X, the model identifier in this case is iPhone 10.6.

How to automatically save iOS SHSH2 Blobs

Once we have done these steps, we will save the SHSH2 Blobs and to do the next step you must go to the following address once you enter the page, you must paste the ECID that you copied in the front part. The next step is to select the device you are using, be it an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

We will now add the identifier of the device that we also found previously, and finally we will click on the OK button, then the SHSH2 Blobs of iOS will be saved automatically . Every time new SHSH2s are saved for your team, you will be notified by the website via email.

As you can, it is very simple and the best thing about using this method to save your SHSH2 is that you will not have to worry about them anymore. Nor waste time saving them manually as you did before, and every time Apple releases a new update, they will be saved automatically and you will be notified.

And this is where we come with this article, which showed you that changes and practicality are at your fingertips. And what used to stress you out won’t do it anymore, because you’ve learned how easy it is to automatically save SHSH2 Blobs from iOS step by step.


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