How to save Instagram filters and effects to use in your stories?

When using Instagram, you have various tools that you can take advantage of, among these are the filters. There is a wide variety of them, some created by the app and others that were created by some users of this platform.

If you want to save the filters, you have two ways to do it and this will depend on where you are doing it from, if the device you are using is Android or iPhone.

How to Save Instagram Filters and Effects to Use Them in Your Stories?

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  1. What should you do to save a filter from someone else who doesn’t follow you on Instagram?
    1. From Android to iPhone
    2. Save filters from Windows PC or Mac
  2. How do you search for a filter or effect you saved by its original name?
    1. By categories
    2. From the search engine

What should you do to save a filter from someone else who doesn’t follow you on Instagram?

The versions of both Android and iOS have their ways of performing this action of saving the filters. Now, you can opt for a simpler way to do this process of saving Instagram filters to use them whenever you want, this works for both systems. To do this in a very easy way, it is recommended to see the history and from there proceed to store the filter.

For this, you must do the following, when you enter the history of the person of the filter you want to save, under the name of the user, both the name of the filter and the person who created it will appear. If you have uploaded a story and want to delete it with filter and everything, you can do that too.

You must click on it, then click on ‘Save effect’ for just like that, you will be able to see it in the camera when you enter Instagram, this way when you go to publish a story the filter you saved will be where your other filters ready to use it .

It is one of the easiest ways to be able to carry out this, saving the filters that you see at the moment and want them for yourself.

The procedure is basically the same as what you are going to do with any device, be it Android or iPhone, whether you do it the way we mentioned above or not, if you do it through a story or as explained below, you can save it using any mobile device.

From Android to iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, the Android and iOS versions have several ways to perform this process of saving Instagram filters, below, we will show you how you can do this. You can add different icons to your stories , such as the time.

To be able to save the filters you want from your iPhone you must do the following, go to your Instagram and click on the magnifying glass to search for a user. Once you find the user you want, enter the profile and select the face, you will be able to see all those filters that the user has created.

You can click on anyone you want to save, you just have to click on the square icon, in the center there is a little check mark, after clicking there the filter will be stored in your Instagram account and you will always have it at your disposal.  

Now, to be able to carry out the same process from your Android device you must follow some steps. Enter your Instagram, and go to the ‘Lupa’ search engine, and look for the user you want, once you find him and you are in his profile, go to the smiley , in order to open the filters for this user.

Next, click on the filter of your choice, that is, the filter you want to save, then click on the ‘ Save to camera’ button, and it will be ready to use whenever you want.

However, as you save more filters, the storage memory of the device will gradually fill up more and more. So, if you have a device with little storage space, you should consider it. If you tag your friends in your stories , they can steal the filter you used. In other words, it will be easier to store it for them.

Save filters from Windows PC or Mac

The option to save filters through our PC, whether Windows or Mac, is not yet available. In addition to the fact that you cannot use the filters when you open your Instagram through your computer. However, there is a way that you can use them, but for this you need to download something additional.

For this you must download a data file with compressed filters for Photoshop and carry out certain steps to obtain them, but basically you will not be able to do it within the Instagram app as such, only with external apps.

How do you search for a filter or effect you saved by its original name?

When looking for the filters that other users have saved on this platform, you can do it as follows, accessing it normally as when you are going to publish a story, you go to the effects, once there you go to the search engine, you can enter the filter name and you will find it there.

In addition, there are other ways to carry out the search for the filters, by categories and also through the search engine as mentioned above.

By categories

When you want to publish a story on your Instagram account and you want to use the filters and you don’t know which one, you can search for it by categories, since when you enter in the usual way, you can find them more easily by categories, you can also search for them in the effects gallery.

From the search engine

Through the search engine you can also find the effects you want, as we mentioned before, you can search for them through the ‘Gallery of effects’, or you also enter the name of the filter you want to use and that’s it, so you can have access to the filters that are most useful. your liking.

It is that simple to look for a filter on Instagram, now you can give a cuter or more beautiful touch to all your photos, especially selfies.


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