How to save filters in Instagram stories

Saving the AR filters used in the Instagram stories of the people you follow is possible: read the guide.

Today, scrolling through Instagram stories, you noticed a new feature, but you don’t know what it is. Looking at a story, you noticed that a friend of yours superimposed a three-dimensional element on the image or an Instagram video . You also noticed that at the top left, under his name, there was a strange wording that is a name and a creator. If you are wondering what it is we tell you that what you have probably seen is an Instagram filter .

The Instagram filters are of special effects that make it cute and fun a photo or video. You must know that there are different types of filters. Those created by the platform, available to everyone, which help improve a photo, add color shades or enhance its details. Always within the stories there are the Instagram facial filters, for example the one with the ears of a dog. Given the success of the facial filters used in the stories , Instagram has decided to allow its users to create custom filters with augmented reality effects . These are the so-called AR filters of Instagram stories. Since these filters are not present on Instagram and are created on other platforms, if you want to have them you must save them. Now that you are sure that the filter you have seen is not included in the gallery of the social network, in this guide, we will tell you how to save the filters on Instagram .

How to save filters on a friend’s Instagram

To save an Instagram filter used by a friend or influencer follow these steps:

  1. Open the story where you saw the filter;
  2. Click on the creator’s name at the top left;
  3. Tap on “Try it” or click on “Save the effect” (bottom right) to save it in the filters of the stories.

If you decide to try it, Instagram allows you to see the effect of that filter in your Instagram stories . Once you have tried it and you like it you can proceed with saving the effect. Only in this way will you be able to have this filter whenever you want. To reuse it later, just re-enter the publishing mode of a new story, then swipe left on the smiley face and choose the AR filter you just saved.

The procedure we have shown you is valid only using the official smartphone app. In fact, even if you access the PC version of Instagram from the browser, you will not be able to use the filter. Also remember that the stories last 24 hours, so if you particularly like a filter we recommend that you save it. Only when you decide to save it will you be sure you can use it in the future.

Save filters on Instagram via user profile

Instagram allows you to save an augmented reality filter even directly on the user’s profile. In this regard, the platform has added a new tab in the gallery feed . Thanks to this new Instagram effects feed , when you visit the creator’s profile , you will find a new section. These are, in fact, augmented reality filters.

To save filters on Instagram via user profile follow these steps:

  1. Search the user’s nickname on Instagram;
  2. Tap on the effects tab (located next to the IGT section);
  3. Browse the gallery and among the augmented reality filters the one of your interest;
  4. Tap “Try it” or press the down arrow icon to save it immediately.

If you decide not to use it immediately, the platform allows you to try the filter. This way you can decide whether to save it or not use it only in that story.

See that you can create filters too.  If you are a creative person and you want to start creating them, read our guide on how to create Instagram filters .

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