How to save contacts on Google

After thinking about it for a while, you have decided to keep your entire phone book on Google , so as to always have it ready, but above all synchronized on all the devices you have associated or will associate your account with. At this point, however, a doubt arises in your mind: how do you save your contacts on the “big G” cloud? Is it possible to do this also with contacts already stored in the address book?

I am happy to announce that the answer is yes and that it is contained in this guide: below, in fact, I will explain how to save contacts to Google on Android, iPhone / iPad and computer. Don’t worry, the procedures are anything but complicated and it is possible to “transfer” to Google even the contacts saved on a SIM. Finally, you need to know that it is possible to save contacts on the Google Drive cloud storage service, but I will tell you about that in due course.

Having said that, it’s time to get down to business: all you have to do is sit comfortably, take some time for yourself and read all the “tips” and advice I’m about to give you about this topic. I’m sure that, by the end of this tutorial, you will be perfectly able to archive and manage your entire address book on Google. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and good work!


  • How to save contacts with Google
    • How to save contacts to Google from Android
    • How to save contacts to Google from iPhone
  • How to save SIM contacts to Google
  • How to save contacts in Google Drive
  • Save contacts to Google from PC
    • How to save contacts to Google from Windows
    • How to save contacts to Google from Mac

How to save contacts with Google

In the next chapters of the tutorial I will show you with some simple steps how to save contacts to Google from Android and iOS / iPadOS devices . It goes without saying, of course, that you will first have to have a Google account to ensure that everything goes well (I explained to you in this tutorial how to create one) and, the first step to take is to associate it with your device. Here are all the details about it.

How to save contacts to Google from Android

I am sure you are aware of the fact that Android is an operating system developed by Google : this is why some dynamics relating to “big G” services, including contact management, are almost completely automatic and do not require demanding operations. by users. In other words, your device should already have been initially configured to automatically save contacts to Google , however it is good that you explain the procedure in detail, so that you can act correctly and without margin for error.

To begin with, if you have not already done so, associate your Google account with the Android device you use: to proceed, access the System Settings by pressing the gear icon that you can find in the notification area menu or in the menu of the app of your device.

Once this is done, scroll down until you find the Account entry (it could also be called Accounts and synchronization ). Select it, then click on Add account and select the Google icon from the screen that is proposed to you (if asked, verify your identity by fingerprint , face or unlock pattern ).

At this point, type your Gmail address , its password (if you don’t remember it, consult my tutorial on how to recover Google account ) in the appropriate fields and press the Accept button to accept the Google terms of use. Finally, verify your identity again with your fingerprint , face or unlock pattern .

Once the operation is complete, verify that the synchronization of contacts with the newly added account is active. Then go back to the Settings> Accounts> Google screen and, from here, press on the email address of the previously associated account (or the one already present in your device) and check that the switch is set to ON at the item Contacts . If not, do so by pressing on it or on the square located in place of this switch.

Once this step is completed, your contacts will automatically be stored on Google. To add new ones and save them on the previously configured account, start the Contacts app and then if you have more than one account associated with your device, press on the profile photo of the Google account at the top right and select the account on which you want to save the new contact you want to create.

Now, press the [+] button at the bottom right, fill in the form with the contact details you want to register ( Name , Surname , Telephone , Email and so on) and, finally, press the Save button located at the top right . Simple, right? For more details on these procedures take a look at my tutorial on how to save phonebook on Android .

How to save contacts to Google from iPhone

Do you have an iPhone and are concerned that it is not possible to save contacts to Google , since the operating system of the phone is branded Apple? I am happy to tell you that this is not the case: the procedure for doing this is really simple and is provided “as standard” by iOS, so you can do everything in a few taps. The same steps also apply to iPad .

To begin with, if you have not already done so, add your Google account to the “iPhone by”: then press the Settings icon located on the home screen or in the app Library. Then go to Contacts> Accounts and tap on Add account .

Now click on the Google logo , provide authorization to open the login screen by pressing the appropriate button and enter your Gmail address and the relative access password in the appropriate fields to log in . Once this is done, make sure that the switch next to the Contacts item is set to ON (if not, so press on it) and, finally, press the Save button located at the top right.

At this point, you need to set your Gmail account as the default account for the synchronization of the address book (so that the new contacts you create in the address book will be automatically saved on Google). To proceed, go back to the Settings menu and go to Contacts> Accounts> Default account> Gmail .

If you have previously added a Google account to your device and want to check that contact synchronization is active, go to Settings> Contacts> Accounts> Gmail and check that the switch next to Contacts is active (if not, tap on it to move the lever to ON ).

At this point, to add a new contact to the iOS address book, you need to open the Contacts app (the little man icon you find on the home screen or in the app Library), press the [+] button located at the top right and fill in the form that is proposed to you with the requested data. Do you need further help with this procedure? Then I suggest you read what I explained to you on how to save the phone book on iPhone .

How to save SIM contacts to Google

Now that you have associated your Google account with your device following the instructions I gave you in the previous chapters, would you like to know how to save the contacts stored on your SIM on it ? Well, then I’ll settle you immediately.

If you use an Android device , go to the Contacts app , press on your profile photo located at the top right and select the SIM item from the list that appears (if the latter is already selected, do nothing).

At this point, if you have never done this before, at the top right the app will invite you directly to save the contacts on the Google profile: to confirm, just press the Import item located at the top right.

Otherwise, press the ☰ button at the top left and go to Settings> Import . Now complete the procedure by pressing on the Gmail address associated with the Google account on which you want to save the contacts and that’s it. See how simple it was?

You can also perform the same operation from an iPhone (however, first make sure that you have associated your Google account with the aforementioned device and that you have set the same profile as the default account for the address book, as explained in the previous chapter ). Proceed, then, by opening the iOS Settings by pressing on the gear icon and then press on the Contacts items and Import SIM contacts item . Wait, therefore, for the procedure to be completed. A no-brainer, right?

How to save contacts in Google Drive

How do you say? Would you feel much calmer if the contacts stored on your phone were also saved on the Google Drive servers with a backup? This is perfectly possible, you can act directly from the Android settings in this case.

How? Simple: open the latter by pressing the gear icon , then tap on the Google item and, subsequently, on the Backup item . Therefore, scroll down the page and press on the Google account data item to check that the switch next to the Contacts item is active (if not, press on it).

Once this is done, go back to the Backup item menu and press the Back up now button . You just have to wait for the process to be completed automatically (it may take hours, depending on the size of the other data included in the backup). Want to know how to find the storage of contacts that you just created on ‘ app of Google Drive ? Just start the latter by pressing the colored triangle icon that you find on the home screen or in the app menu.

Next, go to > Backup and in this screen you will be able to find the available backups (the names of the related devices and the dates on which you made them are also shown); if necessary, you can restore contacts from the latter by following the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to recover contacts from Google . Another simple way you can save your contacts to Drive is to create a .VCF file (in which you can include them) and export it to the aforementioned cloud service or to other devices.

You can do this directly from the Google Contacts app, starting the latter, pressing the ⁝ button located at the top right, choosing the Select all option and, finally, pressing the arrow icon (top right) and selecting l ‘ icon of Google Drive including the sharing options.

Do you also want to know how to save iPhone contacts to Google Drive ? Nothing could be simpler (obviously you will need to have first installed the app of the service in question on your device): just open the Drive application and go to > Settings> Backup> Start backup . That’s all!

Save contacts to Google from PC

Thinking about contacts immediately brings to mind the address book of your smartphone , but this does not mean that you cannot save new contacts on Google and manage them from your PC . Indeed, there are various ways to do this and you can find them all illustrated below.

How to save contacts to Google from Windows

To save on Google the contacts stored on your computer equipped with Windows 11 or Windows 10 , you have to associate the product with your account “Big G”. Doing this is very simple. First, right-click on the Windows Start button (the one with the flag on the taskbar at the bottom) and select the Settings item from the menu that is shown to you.

In the window that opens, click on the Account item and proceed by pressing on the word E-mail and account on the right. Now press on the item Add account and then click on the item Google . Therefore, type the Gmail address associated with your account and the relative password in the appropriate fields and press the Allow button . Then enter a name for your account, then click on the Login item and, finally, confirm by clicking on the Done button .

To save new contacts in the Google address book (and the operating system), now press the Start button and click on the Mail icon (if you do not find it, click on the All apps button ). Once the Mail application window has opened, click on the two men icon you see at the bottom left.

Click, therefore, on the [+] button located at the top right and then on the button under the Save to item (the default option is Microsoft Account ), then choose the Gmail option from the list. All you have to do is fill in the contact registration form with the requested data and press the Save button to complete the procedure. Nothing complicated, do you agree?

How to save contacts to Google from Mac

Do you need to save your contacts to Google and use a Mac ? No problem: all you need are the login credentials to your account and the Contacts application , already present by default in the macOS operating system.

To activate the saving of contacts, even in this case, you will need to associate your Google account with your computer. Then proceed as follows: access the System Preferences by clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom, on the Dock ; then press on the Internet Account item and, from here, on the wording Google located in the right panel.

Continue, then, by clicking on the button Open the browser , type your Gmail address and the associated password , to log in, and put the check mark on the Contacts item in the new proposed window (also choose whether to synchronize emails , notes and calendars by clicking on the appropriate items); finally, click on the Finish button .

Once this operation is complete, you can use the appropriate application to save your contacts on Google. Then start the Contacts application by calling it from the Applications folder or from the Launchpad of your Mac (it has a little man icon ); then, press the [+] button located at the bottom, select the New Contact item from the proposed menu, fill in the fields by entering the required information and, to confirm the saving, click the Finish button . It was easy, wasn’t it?

In all cases and from all devices and operating systems you can check the status of the Google address book (and verify the correct synchronization of contacts) by connecting to this web page and logging in with your Gmail account.

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