How to save battery on OnePlus with advanced optimization

Today we are going to teach you how to save as much energy as possible on your OnePlus mobile with advanced optimization, a somewhat hidden mode that allows the mobile to use less battery by automatically managing applications that consume too much in the background.

By default, OnePlus adds its own optimization modes to the numerous optimizations of Android 11 , but the advanced one is not so visible , so we are going to teach you how to locate it and save consumption as much as possible.

OnePlus advanced optimization mode

The OnePlus updated to the latest version of Android have an advanced optimization mode that allows to automatically detect when an application is spending more than the account, to apply the optimization and reduce its consumption.

To access this setting we just have to go to the battery settings and follow a few simple steps:

  • Open your OnePlus settings
  • Click on ‘Battery’
  • Click on ‘Battery optimization’
  • Now click on the three points (menu)
  • Click on ‘Advanced optimization’
  • Within this menu, click on ‘Optimize Application Power Consumption’

If we have never touched this mode, we will find two active options and one inactive in this menu. By default, the adaptive battery is active, a mode that detects the consumption of apps to regulate their consumption. The idle standby optimization is also active by default , a mode by which network connections can be disabled when the mobile is idle.


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The one that we are going to activate is to optimize the power consumption of applications, a very useful function that can help save even more battery when the apps in the background consume too much power. Once activated, it will work automatically unless we redo the process in reverse.

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