How to save and export your Skype chat or conversation history on a PC or Mac

Is it possible to export Skype chat or conversation history? How to save and export Skype chat history to PC? Can Skype chat history be saved and exported to MAC?

If you have these doubts today we will help you solve them. Skype is an excellent service by which you can make free calls and send messages.

Skype has several options, such as saving and exporting your chat or conversation history, which is extremely useful when you want to delete your Skype conversation history permanently but keep a copy.

Steps to export Skype chat history on PC or MAC

To save and export the history of chats or Skype conversations on a PC or MAC, you must first update Skype to its latest version , in this way you will avoid problems in the process.

Skype is a call and messaging service that you can use without downloading or installing any program , however in case you want to save and export the history of chats or Skype conversations on a PC or MAC, it is recommended that you download the application.

It is important to note that this method is only available for the “Classic” version of Skype for a PC or MAC.

Once you have the Classic version of Skype you must open the application and then click on the Skype menu, you can find the menu in the upper left corner of the application.

Within the Skype menu is the option of privacy or “Privacy …” If you have the application in English.

In the privacy section you must locate the white button that says “Export Chat History” , it is in the third group of settings in terms of privacy.

To finish, you just have to choose a location to save the history or chats of Skype conversations on your PC or MAC computer.

Steps to export Skype chat history on PC without Skype Classic

In case you want to save and export the history of chats or Skype conversations on a PC or MAC but you do not have the Skype Classic application, here we explain how to do it.

The first thing you should do is enter the google search engine and write “Start session Skype web” , the first option will take you to the Skype page where you must log into your account.

Once inside the account in the resources section there is the option to download the history of chats or conversations, you must click on it and then select “Send request”.

In this way, Skype support will send a url link to the email that is linked to your account, in this link you can see and download the files, chat history or conversations.

In case you do not receive an email from Skype to download your files, chat history and conversations, you can contact Skype technical support or visit the page and leave them a message.

I can’t log in to Skype to export chat or conversation history

In case you are unable to log into Skype to save and export your Skype chat or conversation history to a PC or MAC, there are a number of ways to regain access to your Skype account. 

If you forgot your password or username, you just have to enter the Skype portal and click on the “Sign in” section , at the bottom of the box to start the session is in blue “I forgot my password” or “I forgot my name of user”.

After clicking on this option, you only have to enter your email or phone number where you will receive an email or message that contains a url link to restore your password or username and access your account.


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