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  • 1Is it possible to download a voice message
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Unfortunately, the developers of Instagram did not take care of users wanting to keep a memorable voice message. The functionality of the application does not allow you to select it or add it to the favorites list.

It turns out that after a while it will certainly be lost due to its shift upward in the history of correspondence. Today we will show you how to download an Instagram voice message using your smartphone and computer.

Is it possible to download a voice message

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide an official download function.

Apparently in the office of the company they thought that such an opportunity would be quite narrowly focused and not required by most users.

Fortunately, programmers from all over the world are not asleep and have come up with many ways to solve this problem. We will consider the most convenient ones.

How to download

On the phone

Recorder screen with clear sound, video editor

The best option is screen recording. Yes, as a result, you will get a finished video with the necessary material, but if you wish, you can separate the audio track separately.

  1. First, download the program you want. Download link:
  2. It remains to click on the screen recording button and run the file you need. When finished, a video with the desired voice message will appear in your gallery.

Smart Recorder

Using a conventional microphone is not ideal, but under certain circumstances it will be more convenient among others.

  1. Using a smartphone, one option would be to use a voice recorder. First you need to install the Smart Recorder app. Link:
  2. Next, just enable audio recording through the app, and then enable the message you want. It is worth noting that you will have to ensure silence in the room, otherwise there will be extraneous noise on the recording.

On computer

Using a computer, you can use a little trick that allows you to solve problems without downloading special programs and complex circuits. It is enough to use developer mode in the browser. In this example, the Firefox browser will be used, but the instructions will not differ dramatically when using other browsers.

  1. While on the correspondence page, hover over the desired voice message and right-click on it. In the list that appears, we are interested in the item ” Explore element“.
  2. A small panel with a technical code should open at the bottom. Do not be alarmed, the line we need is already highlighted in blue.
  3. Note that the highlighted line is in the form of a link and begins with ” HTTP“. Copy it by right-clicking on the link and selecting ” Copy “.
  4. It remains to paste the resulting link into the browser search field. You will take us to a separate page with just one voice message. It remains to right-click on it and select ” Save Audio As“.

Now you know how to download a voice message on Instagram. It is worth noting that there are many ways to download, we have provided only the most optimal options. If for some reason they do not work, we recommend looking for analogues of the provided applications on the AppStore and Play Market.

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