How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2

One of the best mid / low end devices that this company undoubtedly launched was the Samsung Galaxy J2 , so you can get the most out of it, we will show you how to root Samsung J2 in a very simple way and without the need for that you are using a PC or a computer, as simple as that with an application called Kingroot.

First, before we start

We will be using the Kingroot application, so before continuing, you should download it to your mobile device .

Make sure you have the mobile battery charged, even if it is 70% to continue.

In turn you must have unknown or unknown sources in Settings> Security enabled, as we are about to download an APK which is not in the Play Store.

Root Samsung Galaxy J2

Once we have downloaded Kingroot, what we will do is run it to install it, now that it is installed we simply open it and find an application which, as you will see, is actually quite simple.

The app is responsible for analyzing our smartphone to check if it is rooted or not, in our case obviously it will not be so we will go where it says “START ROOT” under everything.

Now you have to wait as this process takes time, so be patient.

Once the process in question is finished, we will have to restart the device, you will realize that I am done because it says ” Root correctly ” above, ie when you have to restart the mobile phone.

Samsung J2 Root

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to root Samsung J2 , it is also something very simple and ideal ideal for those people either who don’t have too much knowledge about root or just don’t want to break their head too much with more complicated methods with one like this simple and practical available, with this app you will immediately be able to root your mobile without any problems.

Check if we are really root

But it is clear that you have to completely remove the doubt as to whether the process in question went well or not. The way to do it is thanks to a very simple application called Root Checker , which you will find in the Play Store, download that app and with it you can check if you are a root user or not, in case we don’t recommend starting the guide all over again. and do everything step by step.

root Samsung Galaxy J2 with Odin

You can have many reasons to root a mobile device , many of them may have to do with customization issues, perhaps because you want to change the ROM and leave it completely different. It could also be because you want to remove the pre-installed applications in it, which are extremely annoying, no question. That is why in this article I want to leave you a kind of tutorial in which you will be able to root your mobile in a very simple way.

Root Samsung Galaxy J2 with Odin

Whether you have the SM-J200H, SM-J200G or SM-J200M models, you don’t have any kind of problem so the process we will follow is valid for none of them.

We must also warn the fact that once the mobile is rooted, we will not only have unlimited access to the device , which means that if we do not know what we do we can render it unusable (although it is unlikely) But in addition to that we lose its guarantee .

What we will need is to keep making a backup of everything important, also it is essential that the mobile is charged, even with an 80% battery and also a computer to carry out the process, it is recommended to use a laptop in the in case you cut the light or something similar happens, because if the process is halved, the recovery of the mobile is more complicated.

Steps to root mobile device with Odin

  • First of all we will download Odin for Windows .
  • Now what we need to do is download the Samsung Galaxy J2 USB Drivers .
  • We need to download CF-Auto-Root , the one that goes for Samsung J2, so you should look for it.
  • Now we have to activate USB debugging what we got in ” Settings “, then in ” Developer options ” and looking for the option ” USB debugging “. In case the developer options do not appear, we will go to Settings, on the device and we will press several times on the build number until a poster appears.
  • Now what we do is turn off the phone and once it is turned off we will continue to press the volume keys up + home + for a few seconds.
  • A warning screen appears, at this time you need to press the volume up button and then the power button to confirm.
  • Now let’s go to Odin in Windows, we need to connect the device via USB (Use the original cable) Have the phone in download mode (the process we did before) If we install Samsung Galaxy J2 USB drivers, Odin should pick it up automatically.
  • Let’s go to where it says AP or PDA in Odin and what we do is select the file we download CF-Auto-Root.
  • Once selected, we’ll simply click where it says start or start.

Hello, we’re done. You may need to wait a few minutes until “PASS:” appears in the box above and is green , but it will appear. Then the phone restarts and maybe the first time it takes a little longer than normal to charge. Once finished, we will download the “Root Checker” app from here , it is very simple and with it we will know if we are really root users or not.

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