How to root Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510M, A7, A7 SM-A710M

You have to know then that you will be able to obtain all the data to root your Samsung Galaxy A7 without a PC , this being a step by step that is completely useful for the A5 SM-A510M, A7, A7 SM-A710M and A7 SM-A700F models. Indeed, all you need is to use a mobile application called KingRoot that you will have to install on the Samsung Galaxy A7 itself.

The Korean firm Samsung is undoubtedly one of the best in the world when it comes to the manufacture of smart mobile devices, and at this point we have to say that among all its terminals, there are some that are preferred by users . For example, this is the case of the Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510M, A7, A7 SM-A710M and A7 SM-A700F.

The first thing you have to know is that rooting a Samsung Galaxy A7 is not complicated at all, although to do so you will need an external program such as Odin. You have to consider, in the same way, that when you root your Samsung Galaxy A7 you will be able to access many functions that would not otherwise be possible to access them.

You have to consider that when you perform a root, it will automatically cause the loss of the guarantee. So you must be careful with it if you do not want the company to withdraw the guarantee in the event of any damage. The following is to highlight this step by step to root Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510M, A7, A7, A7 SM-A710M and A7 SM-A700F without PC without PC.

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  1. Root Samsung Galaxy A7 with Odin
    1. Put Samsung in download mode
  2. Root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710M without PC
    1. Requirements to root the A7 SM-A710M
    2. root process
  3. Root an A7 SM-A700F in 5 minutes
    1. Root Tutorial
  4. How to root a Samsung Galaxy A5 2020?

Root Samsung Galaxy A7 with Odin

Well, before starting with this step by step, we always recommend making a backup on top of your Samsung Galaxy A7, so that you can avoid losing some content that may be important, and then we go with the step by step.

You have to specifically check that your Samsung Galaxy A7 is  running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop , something that you can check in just a second from Settings, About device, to know the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy A7.

Once the previous step is done, the next one has to do with enabling USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy A7. From Settings>About device, you have to tap on top of the build number 7 times . Once these options are activated, you can continue without problems.

If the Samsung Galaxy A7 is charged up to 50% or more of its battery we can go ahead with this step by step, so that you avoid all kinds of power problems during the Flash and Root process. At the same time, we always recommend in these cases to disable the Windows firewall.

Then, using the original mobile cable, you have to connect the smartphone directly to the computer , also disabling the Samsung Kies functions if you still have them active. The next thing will then be to download the USB drivers for your Samsung Galaxy A7. Later you have to download Odin and extract it on your computer.

And finally, it is time to download CF-Auto-Root of Samsung Galaxy A7. Finished all the previous steps, the next thing will be to go to the page of the last file and press Control + F , looking for the .tar or .tar.md5 file corresponding to the Galaxy A7 device, of course.

Put Samsung in download mode

Then you have to open Odin.exe in the folder where you have extracted it. Next act you must click on the PDA/AP tab and select the decompressed file CF-Auto-Root.tar that you have downloaded before. Remember that if you had already downloaded CF-Auto-Root in .tar format, you can skip the last step.

Then you must take your Samsung Galaxy A7 and put it in download mode or Download, connecting it to the computer. To put it in that mode you have to turn it off, and then turn it on by pressing volume down + Home + Power, skipping the case warning, and pressing the volume keys to continue.

Once all the previous steps are done, the next one will be to connect your Android device to the computer, until Odin detects it . When that has happened, a blue or yellow indicator will appear. You give the Start button, in order to start the Root procedure. When the procedure is finished, the device will reboot automatically and the root is done

Root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710M without PC

The truth is that rooting Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710M 2016 is a much simpler procedure than most users would think. Since the process to be carried out is almost the same on these Android devices.

Once you have finished rooting your Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710M, you will have the advantage of being able to carry out a huge number of modifications that would otherwise be completely impossible for you in these cases and the best of all is that you will be able to work with ROMs . personalized.

Requirements to root the A7 SM-A710M

The main requirements that you have to take into account if you intend to root one of these mobiles is that you have to make a backup like with any other terminal. This takes just a few minutes   Secondly, you have to also take the time to charge your smartphone battery before rooting, it is recommended that it be greater than 50%

root process

There are several applications that allow us to root this smartphone, specifically three that we are going to list below. Any of them will be extremely useful in these cases, so you simply have to decide on the one you like the most. Then you must follow the steps that we indicate below to be able to root the Samsung Galaxy without PC

Method 1 – KingRoot

  • Download and install KingRoot on your mobile
  • Once downloaded, click on the app from a file browser
  • Select the Start Root option to start the procedure
  • Wait for the process to finish on its own
  • If everything has happened as it should, a green icon or symbol will appear

Method 2 – FramaRoot

  • Download and install FramaRoot on your mobile
  • Open the app, select Aragom and then Superuser
  • Wait for the rooting process to finish on its own
  • restart the mobile

Method 3 – TowelRoot

  • Download and install FramaRoot on your mobile
  • Open the TowelRoot app
  • Go to Make it ra1n, to start the root procedure
  • Wait for the rooting process to finish on its own
  • restart the mobile

When you are done with all the above steps, it is recommended to install the Root Checker and run it. Since this application will help us directly to know if our Android mobile has been rooted correctly .

Root an A7 SM-A700F in 5 minutes

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700F is one of the best options that we have at hand right now if we want to extend the limits of customization and configuration of this device. The interesting thing about the case is that since this Samsung was launched a few years ago, most of the models no longer have a valid guarantee , so that by rooting it, we will not lose it.

That is a huge advantage, as many users do not want to lose their warranty by rooting their device. For this very reason, we are going to teach you all the steps to root a Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700F, so that you will be able to personalize your smartphone like never before , in fact improving its performance.

Root Tutorial

The possibility of rooting this Samsung Galaxy without a PC is one of the best that we have at hand, considering in this sense that we will be able to work with a custom ROM, among other things. In fact, once you are done with the procedure, you will have the ability to install apps that you might not otherwise have at your fingertips on Android mobile devices.

Before rooting a Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700F, you have to know that we have to consider some more detailed questions, some very important prerequisites that we follow in every mobile before rooting it. As is the case with the battery charged to more than 50% and make a backup like any device.

Beyond that, it is also important before rooting your Samsung, that you press several consecutive times on the build number, so that you can activate the Developer Options.

Once the previous steps are finished, later you must download the USB drivers for this device , in addition to Odin, and CF-Auto-Root SM-A700F. With all the downloads done, you must follow the different steps that we teach in this particular article. And check if it is the root has been successful as the same Root Checker app

How to root a Samsung Galaxy A5 2020?

The root process of this mobile is not far from those already seen. Before we start with the step by step, you have to follow the old steps of battery and backup as well. It can never miss.

Below you will see that we have up to three applications that will allow us to root this Samsung Galaxy without a PC . Best of all, these three applications work in a similar way between them, so you only have to select the one you like the most, the already named KingRoot, FramaRoot and TowelRoot. In just a short while, you will then have the possibility to root this terminal.

And once you’ve finished the entire procedure, the next thing has to do directly with taking advantage of the possibility of installing an application that will tell us, quickly and easily, if we have been able to root the terminal correctly, which is the well- known and already named Root Checker.


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