How to Root Any Dexp Device Using Magisk

In this article, we will discuss the steps to root any Dexp device using Magisk. If you are using any of the DexP devices, this guide is for you. As we all know, in order to customize or change system settings, your Android device must first be rooted.

As most smartphone OEMs don’t provide rooting access or too many customization options out of the box. Now let’s take a look at a quick rundown of rooting smartphones and the pros and cons.

What is smartphone rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile OS (operating system) to gain privileged control over Android subsystems. Android mainly uses the Linux kernel. Thus, rooting an Android device offers administrative or superuser access.


Root grants permission to tweak or remove system apps and settings, launch some specialized apps, install mods, or also helps to flash a custom ROM. It offers system user interface changes, full control over the kernel, full control over applications, backup, restore, malware removal, etc.


  • Rooting can lock your device.
  • Your device’s warranty may be void.
  • You may not receive official OTA updates on a rooted device. Be sure to check with your device manufacturer.

List of Supported Devices:

  • DEXP A240
  • Airplane DEXP 7594 3G
  • DEXP Ursus S380
  • DEXP AL240
  • DEXP Ursus VA110
  • DEXP Ursus N310 4G
  • DEXP Ursus S180
  • DEXP B260
  • DEXP GS155
  • DEXP Ursus N570 4G
  • DEXP Ursus N470
  • DEXP Ursus N370
  • DEXP Ursus S470 MIX
  • DEXP Ursus S280
  • DEXP Ursus VA170
  • DEXP Ursus VA210
  • DEXP Ursus P410
  • DEXP Ursus N210
  • DEXP B340
  • DEXP GS150
  • DEXP AS260
  • DEXP Ursus M210
  • DEXP G253
  • DEXP B355
  • DEXP BS155
  • DEXP Ursus M110
  • DEXP AL140
  • DEXP Ursus P380i
  • DEXP GL355
  • DEXP G355
  • DEXP B245
  • DEXP Ursus S370
  • DEXP Ursus L170
  • DEXP Z250
  • DEXP BL150
  • DEXP Z455
  • DEXP Ursus L180
  • DEXP Ursus L110
  • DEXP B255
  • DEXP T155
  • DEXP BL250
  • DEXP B450
  • DEXP G255
  • DEXP A150
  • DEXP BS650
  • DEXP BS550
  • DEXP Z355
  • DEXP A140
  • DEXP AS160
  • DEXP Ixion XL 150 Abakan
  • DEXP Ursus H170
  • DEXP GL255
  • DEXP G250
  • DEXP B350
  • DEXP Ixion B140
  • DEXP Ixion B145
  • DEXP Ursus S110
  • DEXP BS150
  • DEXP Ixion Z150
  • DEXP B160
  • DEXP Ursus P380
  • DEXP Ursus S270
  • DEXP Ixion Z255
  • DEXP Ixion G155
  • DEXP Ixion G150
  • DEXP Ixion ML450 Super Force
  • DEXP Ixion ML245 Electron
  • DEXP Ursus P310
  • DEXP Ursus S190
  • DEXP Ixion Z155
  • Iron DEXP Ixion ES850
  • DEXP Ixion M850
  • DEXP Ixion XL 155
  • DEXP Ixion ML350 Force Pro
  • DEXP Ixion M355 Mercury
  • DEXP Ixion ES1050
  • DEXP Element Ixion MS255
  • Iron DEXP Ixion MS650 Pro
  • DEXP Ixion ES950 Hipe
  • DEXP Ixion M750 Surf
  • DEXP Ixion M545
  • DEXP Ixion EL450 Force
  • DEXP Ixion M340 Steel
  • DEXP Ixion X150 Metal
  • DEXP Ixion M445 Onyx 2
  • DEXP Ixion ES355 Ice
  • DEXP Ixion E345 Jet
  • DEXP Ixion ES750 Connect
  • DEXP Ixion MS550
  • DEXP Ixion M240 Strike 3 Pro
  • DEXP Ixion E245 Evo 2
  • DEXP Ixion E340 Strike
  • DEXP Ixion P245 Arctic
  • DEXP Ixion ML250 Ampere M
  • DEXP Ixion MS155 coil
  • DEXP Ixion ES255 Fire
  • DEXP Ixion ES550 Soul 3 Pro
  • DEXP Ixion E350 Soul 3
  • DEXP Ixion MS450 Born
  • DEXP Ixion P350 Tundra
  • Model DEXP Ixion X245 Rock Mini
  • DEXP Ixion ES650 Omega
  • DEXP Ixion ES450 Astra
  • DEXP Ixion ES260 Navigator
  • DEXP Ixion MS250 Sky
  • DEXP Ixion E250 Soul 2
  • DEXP Ixion M345 Onyx
  • DEXP Ixion E240 Strike 2
  • DEXP Ixion X355 Zenith
  • DEXP Ixion EL250 Amper E
  • DEXP Ixion EL350 Volt 8
  • DEXP Ixion ES350 Rage Plus
  • DEXP Ixion X255 Hotline
  • DEXP Ixion XL145 Dash SE
  • DEXP Ursus GX180 Armor
  • DEXP Ixion M350 Rock
  • DEXP Ixion ML150 Ampere M
  • DEXP Ixion P145 Dominator
  • DEXP Ixion XL140 Flash
  • DEXP Ixion X147 Puzzle
  • DEXP Ixion X145 Nova
  • DEXP Ixion M250 Ferrum
  • DEXP Ursus KX110 AVA
  • DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce
  • DEXP Ursus NS110
  • DEXP Ixion XL145 Charge
  • DEXP Ixion EL150 charger
  • DEXP Ixion X250 OctaVa
  • DEXP Ixion X LTE 4.5
  • DEXP Ixion M LTE 5
  • DEXP Ixion ML2 5
  • DEXP Ursus 9X 3G
  • DEXP Ursus 8X 4G
  • DEXP Ursus 7W
  • DEXP Ixion W 5
  • DEXP Ixion X 5
  • DEXP Ixion Y 5
  • DEXP Ixion M 5
  • DEXP Ixion ES 4
  • DEXP Ixion X 4.7
  • DEXP Ixion P 4
  • DEXP Ixion ML 5
  • DEXP Ixion Energy
  • DEXP Ixion XL 5

Steps to Root Dexp Device via Magisk

Now let’s move on to the rooting steps along with the requirements and download links. Here in this guide, we’ll only mention how easy it is to root your phone running MediaTek.


  • Keep your device’s battery charged up to 60% at least for a smoother process.
  • Make a  full backup of  your device before following the steps below.
  • Requires Windows or Mac PC / laptop and USB cable.

Download links:

  • Download ADB and Fastboot tool for Windows / MAC and install it first.
  • Then download the Dexp USB drivers and install them on your computer. (USB Drivers for Android)
  • You need to download the latest Dexp Stock ROM and extract the boot image file:
  • Mediatek Device:How to extract boot image using  MTK Droid Tool .
  • Spreadtrum device:How to extract boot image using Spreadtrum Flash tool.
  • Download and install  SP Flash Tool  for Mediatek and   SPD Flash Tool  for Spreadtrum Unisoc devices on your computer.

Androidelf is not responsible for any problems with your device while or after following this manual or reprogramming any file. Do this at your own risk.

Steps to Extract and Repair Boot.image Using Magisk

  • After downloading Stock ROM, just unzip it to your computer.
  • Now connect the Dexp device via USB cable and copy the boot.img file only from the extracted folder to the device storage.
  • Open  Magisk Manager  on your device. Select the Install option  to select the file.
  • Now click  on Fix Boot Image File .
  • navigate to the folder where you previously moved the image file.
  • Now wait a couple of seconds and Magisk will start fixing the boot image.
  • After fixing the boot image, copy the  “patched_boot.img” file  from internal storage and replace it in the same folder of the extracted ROM on your PC.

Now follow the second step to flash the patched boot image file.

Steps to install the patched boot image to any Dexp device

Follow the link below for a complete, detailed guide to installing the patched boot image on any MediaTek device.

Guide to Install Corrected Boot Image to Spreadtrum Phone  Guide to Install Corrected Boot Image to MediaTek Phone

You can also try using ADB and Fastboot method to install the patched boot image file.

  • We will assume that you have already downloaded the ADB & Fastboot tool from the above link.
  • Then you need to extract the ADB fastboot tool and then move the patched boot image file to the same folder.
  • Press and hold the Shift key and right-click to open a command window.
  • Then enter the following command at the command prompt and press Enter:

fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

  • For devices with A / B partitioning, enter and enter the following command:

fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.imgfastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img

  • You need to replace filename.img with the name of the TWRP Recovery img file you downloaded.
  • The flashing process will begin. Wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
  • Now enter the following command and hit enter:

fastboot reboot

Steps to verify a haphazard device root:

  1. Download the APK of the Magisk Manager app> install it on your device and open it.
  2. Now you need to check the root. Switch to statusmode   . If you see that all options are marked in green, it means you have successfully rooted. This also means that you have bypassed SafetyNet as well.
  3. That’s all. Enjoy rooting!
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