How to reverse the data of a text string in Excel?

Excel is undoubtedly the most popular spreadsheet software on the market . Its easy handling and the immense amount of functions make it the favorite of companies, educational or health institutions and private users. By downloading Excel from its website you will have an excellent ally to carry out financial calculations, registration and statistical analysis.

Its use has spread to other areas such as education and health institutions where you can apply it for the organization and registration of functions of teaching, administrative and worker staff, as well as the evaluation of the teaching and learning process. It is also a very useful tool for scheduling and educational planning.

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  1. What formulas and functions do you need to reverse first and last name in Excel?
  2. What process to follow to reverse first and last name in Excel cells?
    1. From Excel on mobile
    2. Using the Excel license on the computer
    3. With Excel Online

What formulas and functions do you need to reverse first and last name in Excel?

Excel is a very useful tool when you are making lists of names and surnames and you need to have them all in a specific order for better reading, analysis and organization. These are tasks widely used in different institutions and companies for registering the attendance of workers, administrative staff and suppliers in general.

There are a number of formulas and functions in Excel that can solve the problem of the desired order in your list. You can use the “MID” function in combination with the “join strings” formula. Multiple regression in my excel table  and dynamic matrix are functions provided to you by the software. Excel also has the option to customize your formulas available.

What process to follow to reverse first and last name in Excel cells?

It is very likely that when you receive a set of names and surnames in your company or in your educational institute to organize them in a list, they will be arranged in an inadequate way. If what you want is to reverse the order in which they are found, you can write the formula “=MID(A2&” “&A2,FIND(” “,A2)+1,LEN(A2))” in a blank cell and then drag towards the cells to apply the formula.

From Excel on mobile

Excel is also available on your mobile to create and update your spreadsheets and contains all the functions related to data organization and analysis of the desktop versions. It is the perfect solution to solve immediate problems when you are away from your PC. You can even split or split a text string in Excel  from your mobile.

You can refer to separation by “delimited character”. This is a text string containing characters or symbols indicating the place of the break. It can refer to blank spaces or commas. Another separation can be called “by defined width”. With this you can make cuts in a string of texts based on a specific number of characters.

Using the Excel license on the computer

It is highly recommended that when you download Excel you do it from its official page with a legitimate license from Microsoft. This will avoid activation problems and guarantee its optimal operation. In addition, you can have access to first-hand information and available updates. You can get the latest versions of Excel for free if you have its official license.

However, you may suffer a mishap when performing your tasks with Excel. But for each case there is a solution. It may happen that you cannot access its use because a message appears indicating that it is a “commercial use product”. As a solution, start your session through your email, go to the services and subscriptions option and there you will find your Office product or Microsoft subscription. Use that information to check the legitimacy of your license.

With Excel Online

Excel online is a version created especially to be used directly from the network. It replaced the Excel web app version in 2014 and is now a very popular tool for all types of users. You can open it for free if you have an account. When you start your session in it you will be able to see its icon that will indicate that it is online and that you do not have to have it installed on your computer.

Try the “delete and replace” option to organize your appointments and give it a touch of professionalism and thus check the functionality of the online version that is as effective as any other. It is that moment when you run into lots of characters, like commas and quotes that confuse you and make it more difficult to view. You can remove all citations from Excel quickly  by following these steps:

  1. First, select the cells where the citations you want to delete appear
  2. Simultaneously press “ctrl + f” or in the top menu “start” click on “edit”
  3. Click on “search and select” and then on “search”
  4. Go to the “replace” tab
  5. In the “find what” box, enter the quotation mark symbol (“)
  6. If your wish is to eliminate it and not replace it, leave the “replace” box blank.
  7. Click “replace all”
  8. Press “accept”


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