How to reverse image search on Facebook

Image searching has recently gone viral on the web. Either for different reasons, sometimes words are missing to describe something that was observed, or it is simply not known what it is. But in other cases, you need to search for images to know its origin and if it was edited in any way.

For this, there are tools that can facilitate the work of searching for images. Even within applications such as Facebook , this function is quite useful to recognize if a photo has any retouching or to identify a person that you have been looking for for a while , but you do not know the name.

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  1. What are the best reverse search engines for images?
    1. Google images
    2. Tinye
    3. Revlmg
  2. How to use Facebook ID number to reverse image search?
    1. Photo identification number
    2. Open Facebook page with photo ID

What are the best reverse search engines for images?

Certainly Facebook is known worldwide as one of the social networks with the most users . Among its functions there is no search for images in reverse mode, however there are applications that can work quietly for this purpose.

Google images

This famous search engine is complete in its work, as well as directly looking for information, or images in this case it also serves for the reverse work. In other words, insert an image and find its origin.

If you are trying to reverse an image search, for Google it is necessary to enter two types of information. It can be the link of the image to search, that is, its URL , or insert the image directly into the search engine. Using both options you can obtain positive results, yes, you should make sure to use the desktop version of the browser if you do it from the phone.


This website is used in a very similar way to the previous search engine, that is, it serves with the link of the image, or by entering the image to be searched. The difference is that this page only focuses on finding images similar to the one requested, or images that have some relationship with it, while the previous one also finds information.


This application was created exclusively for smartphones , certainly its usefulness is wide, since a photograph is taken with the mobile phone and it can be directly uploaded to the application to find all the information related to that image.

As a reverse search engine this application is really very good, because it not only works with portrait images, things or landscapes, but it also works to search for logos, monuments, flags and symbols .

How to use Facebook ID number to reverse image search?

Every Facebook profile generates an ID or identification number, this will be personal and unique for each user. When images are uploaded to a profile, they are also registered with the same ID.

If the intention is to use the reverse search for a Facebook image you can easily use the ID and locate the user of the profile that generated it. It is not guaranteed that it is the same as the image, since it may have been edited, but it does make sure that the origin is from that profile.

Photo identification number

Once you have the Facebook image, found in a publication, or simply that it was passed to you through another medium, but its origin is from this social network, then you will right click on the image and the URL of the image will be copied.

Normally the image has 2 groups of numbers in the link, these are enclosed between two subscripts ‘_’ or points ‘.’. It can be viewed this way:

Fb_ 4684616945345644 _45287239793.jpg

Open Facebook page with photo ID

Once the ID number of the image has been identified, it is copied and entered into a Facebook link in which adding the ID will find the profile of the account that generated the image. The link is as follows: Add ID)

As a last step is to enter the profile that you just copied and pasted, and voila, you will have already done the reverse search for images on Facebook , without a complex application but with boldness.

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