How to restore the leather steering wheel

All car enthusiasts, especially sports cars, take care of the steering wheel of their car : what to do if it is worn out, dull or cracked?

Here is everything you need to know to restore the leather steering wheel .

How to store the leather steering wheel

If your car’s leather steering wheel is a bit shabby, do you have to change it? No, especially because on some historic cars it would be a real shame. In general, however, the steering wheel can be reset .

You can of course contact a professional, especially in the cases that we explain in the second part of the article, but if not, there are several precautions that you can implement independently.

First of all, to restore the steering wheel to its original shine you have to choose the best detergent : to do this, opt for those with a neutral ph. Now you need the right tool to apply it – in this case, a gentle sponge is perfect. Where to find it? In specialized stores and online.

The last step is the renewal of the color : for this you will need a special product, also easily available in the aforementioned shops.

And what if the beauty or the condition of the steering wheel are now too compromised? This is how the professional who restores it behaves.

How to restore the car steering wheel: the specialist

Here are the cases in which we recommend the support of the specialist .

If on your steering wheel there are deep scratches, discolorations, or the classic loss of layers of leather, it is good to take it to the specialist, who will use special abrasive papers, pastes and fillers to scratch and fill in the missing parts.

After this phase, the technician will move on to hot working to fix the products used in the restoration; finally, it will choose the right color to finish the restoration with the painting. Now only the application of the transparent is missing, which protects the material and ensures greater durability and resistance to wear.

In the worst case scenario, you will necessarily have to have it covered with new leather. In fact, if its condition is very bad, not even the work of a professional, even if performed in a workmanlike manner, will be able to restore its original beauty: for this reason, we would like to advise you to constantly take care of your steering wheel before it is too late. .


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