How to restore the last session of open pages in Google Chrome

All of us who surf the internet have at some point closed the browser by mistake; This can cause us panic if we had any important windows open, since losing everything can be a big problem.

But don’t worry, there are very simple ways to restore the last session of your browser; This post will teach you how to restore the last session of open pages in Google Chrome . So if you are in trouble because you closed the browser by accident, follow the advice in this tutorial and restore all your windows easily.

It should be noted that you can start Chrome as a guest or you can also do it with your Google account to be able to restore the session, that is, the process can be completed in both ways.

Steps to restore the last session of pages opened in Google Chrome

There are three simple and quick methods to recover all the pages that you have closed by mistake in Google Chrome. These methods are consulting the history, key combination and right clicking; Next we will show you step by step how to use each method:

·         Consulting the history

  1. Open the browser again and go to the upper right corner and click on the program customization icon; this option is represented by three horizontal dots .
  2. A menu will be displayed where you will see the option «History» , when you move the mouse cursor over that option, a submenu will be displayed where you will see all the windows that have been recently closed.
  3. Click on the web page you want to open again; and it will immediately open.

·         Key combination

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser again.
  2. Once inside the browser, simultaneously press the Shift keys  (icon of an outlined arrow pointing up) + Ctrl (control) + T this works in the case of a PC with any of the versions of the Windows operating system . To use this method on a Mac computer, you must simultaneously press the Shift + Command + T keys.
  3. Your browser will immediately reopen the mistakenly closed tabs in a new window.

This method is very easy to use, also very practical because if you keep pressing this combination of keys (Windows Shift + Ctrl + T or Mac Shift + Command + T); Web pages that you have visited and closed before closing the session will continue to be recovered, but you will only recover the last 10 visits. However, this will not work if you have been browsing privately in incognito mode .

·         Right clicking

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser again.
  2. In the new tab, move the mouse cursor to the top of the browser and right-click on the empty space on the right side of the new tab. It is important that it is at the top of the browser right next to the plus symbol (+).
  3. When a menu is displayed, select “Reopen a closed tab . 
  4. Then the tabs that you closed by mistake will appear.

With this method you can do the same process 10 times and the last ten web pages that you have visited will be opened, that way you will recover everything that you have closed by accident.

How to restore the last session of open pages automatically in Google Chrome?

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the upper right corner and click on the icon of the three vertical dots , which represent the customization option of the program.
  3. It will immediately open a drop-down menu, click on the “Settings” option .
  4. Now you will see on the screen a series of options to configure your browser, look for the «Home» section.
  5. In this heading, check the box «Continue the session where you left it» (you can also say «Continue as I left everything before closing»); then every time you open your Google Chrome browser, it will automatically restore the tabs that you left open in your last session.

Keep in mind that if you close your browser directly, that is, if you click by mistake on the X that is located in the upper right corner; the tabs you were using in that session will be restored the next time you open your browser. However, this will not happen if you closed browser tab by tab.

We also remind you that it is not only possible to recover the pages that we close but also this browser allows us to recover the deleted search history .

Google Chrome enjoys great prestige worldwide; therefore it is the browser most used by thousands of users who enjoy the advantages it offers.

In this tutorial you learned that with a few simple steps you can restore the last session of pages opened in Google Chrome; then you no longer have to worry if you close your browser by mistake.



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