How to restore Steam games

The technological age has managed to unite a large number of people beyond the kilometers and oceans that separate them, making communication immediate. So you have the possibility to exchange impressions and experiences instantly.

As if that weren’t enough, this immediacy in the way people communicate today has been transferred to video games, so you also have the possibility to share with family and friends while they play a game of your games. favorite video games .

Videogames and Internet

For many years, video games have stopped being only for consoles, they have developed a huge number of tools and functions for you to share adventures and a little action with another person. However, you did not always have the presence of that second player or even the second command.

Once video games became more popular on people’s computers , new measures were developed to offer the public the ability to play with other people over the internet.

The gamer community

But over the years, the need and belief grew that new resources and tools should be developed to expand the communication capacity incorporated in games .

Both companies and users most loyal to any type of video game began by structuring and designing web pages that would serve as an informative forum to comment on the benefits or report errors of the updates presented by a game, but this also evolved.

Let’s talk about Steam

Currently, there are countless platforms designed so that the entire gamer community can experience each game of almost any video game . Among the most prominent in this area, it is impossible not to name Steam.

Launched in 2003, this platform was designed and developed by Valve Corporation. The same company that was in charge, precisely, of developing video games that, in short, have marked an era. An example of this is Counter-Strike.

The early years of Steam

Since its release, Steam started out as little more than an online community, through which you had to register. Later, acquire certain tools and functions compatible with the games developed by Valve.

Evolution and present

By 2010, Steam went from being much more than an online community. Thanks to the efforts of a large number of people, the Steam system was implemented as an application in which users could not only purchase video games directly, but also play them and enjoy the different chat, voice and video tools.

Safety is first

Given the possibility of having Steam from any computer, one of the biggest concerns of any video game fan arises: keeping a game safe. This is something that Valve has been clear about, which is why it offers the option of making a security backup of your games .

Step by Step

This is a really simple procedure to carry out. To keep all the games you have played safe and play from any other computer later on, you just have to follow the instructions outlined here:

  • Right click on the game.
  • Select the “Properties” option.
  • Go to the “Local files” section and then click on the “Make backup” option.
  • Select which other video game you want to back up.
  • Click on the “Next” button .
  • Steam will show you the folder that, by default, is destined to backup the game. Click “Next” again.

Your games are insured!

With these simple steps, all that remains is to wait for the backup procedure to complete. Then, you will have the possibility to check, both on the same and on another computer, that all the information of your game has been saved successfully .


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