How to restore names on WhatsApp

For a few days, an infinite number of phone numbers have been appearing in your WhatsApp instead of the names of your contacts. It’s kind of weird, not least because you don’t remember changing any app settings recently. A real “mystery”. The fact is that now you absolutely need to get things back to normal, since using the application in this state is quite difficult for you.

You’ve actually tried to fix things before, so far, but all your attempts to replace the phone numbers that appear with the names of your contacts have not been successful. Don’t worry: if this is the situation you are in, I can provide you with the help you need.

In the next few lines, in fact, I will explain how to restore the names on WhatsApp through some simple and immediate steps. I assure you that, in most cases, the solution to the problem is rather trivial: it is sufficient to synchronize the contacts saved in the address book with WhatsApp again, verifying that the users whose name you can no longer see have not changed their number. Find everything explained below.


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How to restore names on WhatsApp

In the following chapters I will go to list a series of procedures that should allow you to return to viewing the names instead of the phone numbers of your contacts in WhatsApp. I will start with the simplest possible solutions, up to the slightly more complex ones (if the first ones are not successful).


If you are using the WhatsApp application on Android and you notice problems with the contacts that are displayed in the Chat tab , first check how many of them have the name replaced by a phone number . If the problem is limited to just a few contacts, it could be that the users in question have changed their phone number and are using WhatsApp with a different number.

Try to press, therefore, on the contact number you see in the Chat tab and verify that the message [contact name] has changed number is not shown in the screen that opens . Touch to send a message to the new number or add it to your contacts . If this wording is present, just tap on it and then on the Add to contacts item .

Type, therefore, the user’s name in the field at the top to modify the existing contact, or if you prefer to create a new one, click on the item Create a new contact . Then choose where to save the contact ( Google account , SIM or account registered on the servers of the manufacturer of your smartphone) and conclude by pressing the Save button at the top right (if you are creating a new contact, type the name in the upper field, the one indicated with the wording Name ).

Repeat this same procedure for all the contacts with which the same problem occurs, then open WhatsApp again, press the cartoon button on a green background at the bottom right of the Chat tab and, in the screen that opens, tap on the button ⁝ located at the top right. Finally, click on the Update button : in this way a new synchronization will be carried out with the contacts in the address book. At this point, all you have to do is go back to the Chat tab to see if the problem is resolved.

In addition, also make sure that the contacts saved in the address book of your device and with which you are having problems have not changed. Therefore, access the Google Contacts app (which is the one pre-installed on most Android phones; alternatively, open the default address book of your device) that you find on the home screen or in the app menu and try to search for the contacts that you care.

If you notice that a contact is only available with the phone number, tap on its preview , then on the Edit contact item and enter a name in the field at the top; finally complete the changes by clicking on the Save button .

Is the problem of the number instead of the name in WhatsApp widespread to all (or almost) contacts? Then check that the app has regular access to your contacts in the address book. To do this, simply access the Android settings by pressing the gear icon that you can find in the notifications menu, on the home screen or in the app menu. Then scroll through the list of items and press on the word App (it could also be called Applications or Applications and permissions ). Subsequently, tap twice in a row on the item Permissions and then press on the item Contacts .

If the WhatsApp icon is shown in the Reject section , tap on it and, finally, press the Allow item and restart WhatsApp to see if there are improvements. If not, clear the app cache by going back to the Android settings menu and going to Apps> App management> WhatsApp> Delete data> Clear cache .

How do you say? Have none of the solutions I’ve shown you so far worked? In this case, the suggestion I can give you is to remove the WhatsApp account stored in the Android settings and then try to synchronize the contacts again.

Before carrying out this procedure, however, make sure to backup your chats by opening WhatsApp and going to > Settings> Chats> Backup chats> Back up (for more details on these steps see my tutorial on how to backup WhatsApp ).

Once this procedure is complete, log back into the Android Settings and go to Accounts and sync> WhatsApp> WhatsApp> More> Remove account> Remove account . Once this is done, go back to WhatsApp and update the application’s contact list by going to the Chat tab , pressing the cartoon button at the bottom right and from here going to > Update .


Want to know how to restore names on WhatsApp on iPhone ? As with Android , first check how many contacts the problem is limited to. If the latter concerns an extremely limited number of contacts, check that the users whose names appear replaced by numbers in the Chat tab have not changed their telephone numbers .

To carry out this test, simply tap on the preview of the conversation with one of these contacts and see if, in the screen that opens, the words [contact name] has changed number. Touch to send a message to the new number or add it to your contacts .

If you should see this last entry, tap on it and then add the selected contact to the address book by pressing on the Add to contacts item . Subsequently, modify or create the new contact by typing its name in the appropriate field on the screen that is shown to you and conclude by pressing the Finish button .

Also check that the contacts you are having trouble with on WhatsApp have not been changed in your device’s address book. Therefore, access the latter by pressing the Contacts icon that you can find on the home screen or in the app Library of your “iPhone by” and then search for the name or telephone number of the contact you are interested in using the search bar placed at the top.

Once you have found the contact you are looking for, if you had to, view only the number of the latter, tap on its preview and press on the Edit item ; then, on the page that opens, fill in the upper field with a name and save the changes by pressing the Finish button at the top right.

If you notice problems with numerous contacts on WhatsApp , make sure that the app has permissions to access your address book. To do this, go to the iOS settings by tapping on the gear icon that you can find on the home screen or in the App Library of your device and, once the settings screen has opened, press on the WhatsApp item and make sure that the the lever next to the Contacts item is set to ON ; if not, fix it by tapping on it.

Once this is done, go back to the main settings menu of your device and press on the Privacy item , then proceed by pressing on the word Contacts . At this point, check that the switch placed next to the WhatsApp entry is active and, if not, remedy by pressing on it. You just have to open WhatsApp again to see if things are resolved.


As for the ” computer variants ” of WhatsApp, ie WhatsApp Desktop (available for Windows and macOS ) and WhatsApp Web , the synchronization of contacts is closely related and dependent on the smartphone application (and not, therefore, on the contact lists registered on Windows or macOS), which, in turn, refers to your phone’s address book.

Neither on WhatsApp Desktop nor on WhatsApp Web are there any options to manually update the list of available contacts. From this it follows the fact that, if you were to view telephone numbers instead of the names of WhatsApp contacts on your computer, you will necessarily have to apply the solutions I have provided you previously (or those you find in the next chapter ) depending on your device. reference ( Android or iPhone ).

Other ways to restore names on WhatsApp

Wait, are you telling me that phone numbers keep showing up instead of your WhatsApp contacts ‘ names ? Don’t despair: try the further solutions I propose below.

First, try to update the WhatsApp application by searching for it in the store of your device and pressing the Update button : if the button in question is not there and, in its place, you see the Open one , it means that you are already using the version most recent. If you have any doubts or problems, you can check out my tutorial on how to update WhatsApp .

If you are using the application on an Android device and things are still not resolved, try clearing the application data stored on the phone. Before doing this, however, make sure you have carefully backed up messages . Therefore, access the Android settings by pressing the gear icon , then press the App item and select, from here, the App Management item . In the list that is shown to you, locate the WhatsApp item and press on it, then press on the Delete data item and then on the Delete all data item. At this point, returning to WhatsApp, you will have to carry out the initial configuration of the app again as I indicated in my tutorial on how to use WhatsApp .

If you use WhatsApp on iPhone , make sure that no limitations have been imposed on the app with the Screen Time feature . To do this, open the iOS Settings by pressing the gear icon and go to Screen Time> App Limitations . Check, therefore, that no restrictions are shown for the Social network item and, if so, press on the latter item and, finally, tap on the wording Delete limitation .

Have you opened the WhatsApp app after putting all my instructions into practice but keep seeing phone numbers instead of names? In this case, the last attempt you can make is to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. For all the details on the procedure, I refer you to my guide on how to reinstall WhatsApp .

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