How to restore correspondence in Telegram

You can do some things, but don’t expect too much.

When communicating in regular chats, text, photos and other information are sent in encrypted form to Telegram servers, and from there to the recipient. Data is stored in the cloud and through it is synchronized with applications on users’ devices. You can delete the client or change the smartphone, and after logging into the account, the correspondence and files in the chat will be restored.

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Security chats have a lot more emphasis on security. Messages are also encrypted, but transmitted between interlocutors directly, bypassing Telegram servers. All information is stored only locally on devices.

About deleting chats

Telegram’s privacy policy is that information sent is not archived. When you delete a message, photo or video from a chat, it also disappears from the servers and cannot be restored.

The same goes for the chats themselves. If you delete the correspondence with a person from one of your devices, the data will be erased from the cloud, and when synchronized on other gadgets, it will also be destroyed from them.

You can delete a chat only for yourself or at the same time for yourself and the interlocutor. In the first case, the information will remain with the other person, and if desired, it can be sent. In the second, recovery is impossible.

How to restore correspondence in Telegram

Cancel deleting a chat


If a chat has been completely deleted, the only way to restore it is to cancel the action immediately after clicking the Delete button. The problem is you only have 5 seconds. Therefore, this option is suitable if you accidentally deleted the correspondence.

Forwarding messages

If, when deleting a chat, you chose the option to erase data only for yourself, then the information will remain in the account of the interlocutor. In this case, you can ask him to send you the desired messages.

How not to lose important information

In order not to come to the loss and recovery of data, it is better to save them beforehand. This can be accomplished in different ways.

Take a screenshot

This is the easiest option. On a smartphone, a screenshot can be taken in different ways, there is a separate article on this on Lifehacker . If you use Telegram on a computer, see the instructions for Windows  and Mac .

Keep in mind: if you capture the screen not in a regular, but in a secret chat, then your interlocutor will receive a notification about this.

Add a message to your favorites


A more reliable and convenient option is to use the favorites function. It will allow you to keep the correspondence in its original form and provide access to it at any time. Highlight the message, then click Forward and select Favorites.

To view the saved content, just tap in the search bar and select the desired chat.

Export data

For maximum safety, information from Telegram can be exported and downloaded as an archive. This feature is available in the Telegram Desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Download the program from the link , log into your account, and then open the chat, the contents of which you want to save. In the drop-down menu, click “Export Chat History”.

Next, specify what content you want to download, select a file size limit and define the time range for saved messages. Click Export.

After that, you will need to confirm the request on your other device with an active Telegram and click again in the menu “Export chat history” → “Export”. As a result, the files will appear in the downloads folder.

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