How to restart an iPhone without pressing home button

One of the biggest factory defects, which some iPhone devices have, corresponds to their terminals, which are generally defective, more specifically we are talking about the lock button.

In general, this button after a while of use, begins to present various failures, such as if it stops working , which make it impossible to use and with it come endless problems at technical levels that can be annoying.

This failure makes it impossible for tasks such as blocking or unlocking the screen to become impossible, which is why, within this post, we will focus on teaching you alternative ways which will help you to replace the use of this button in case it is the same is damaged or soon to be unusable.

With these tricks, you will be able to have more control over various buttons on your phone and with this, you will learn about alternative ways that will help you replace their use. However, it is important that you know that you can add a virtual Home button on your iPhone .

Method 1 to be able to restart your iPhone

If you want to try this method, it is only necessary that you follow the following steps and that also, do not try to skip any of them

  1. It begins by entering the application center at the “Settings” entry that we can find within our device.
  2. Once there we can enter the ” General ” section.
  3. Once on it, we just have to start clicking on the ” Accessibility ” option .
  4. Within it, you must locate the option, which is named ” Bold text ” and after that, we must activate it.
  5. It is important that you know that when carrying out this procedure, it will be indifferent to you, if the option is activated or not at the time you enter, so the only thing you have to do if you have entered is proceed to click on the button, which you will see that it will appear right next to the aforementioned option.
  6. When you have pressed this button , you will be able to see that a message will appear in it, indicating that once we have applied this setting, our device will proceed to restart. At this point, we just have to proceed by clicking on the ” Continue ” button and in this way, you can have your phone restarted effectively, without the need to use any of the physical buttons.

Method 2 to be able to restart your iPhone:

This is one of the most used secondary methods, if the first one has not had an effect, in order to carry it out, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. It begins by entering the ” Settings ” application.
  2. After that, enter the ” General ” section and once there, you must enter the ” Reset ” section.
  3. Once there, you must go to the option ” Reset network settings ” and in this way you will see that a pop-up message will appear which will carry this text: ” All original network settings will be restored “.
  4. If we proceed to press on the ” Reset ” button, we will see how our device, proceeds to restart automatically.
  5. This great method has a negative aspect, in which we will be eliminating all those network configurations and adjustments that we have made, therefore, when doing this, we must enter again all those data that have been found associated with the connection of Wifi.

These are some fairly simple but useful methods, which we are sure you will want to try, however, take into account the consequences that method 2 brings, and which in one way or another can be annoying, if you are not connected to your common WiFi network, so try to increase your internet connection .


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