How to restart an Android device in safe mode

It happens frequently that your Android mobile begins to show deficiencies: System failures , it slows down, applications that do not respond and you do not get how to solve the problems. This time we will show you how to restart an Android device in safe mode, quickly and easily.

The Android operating system, like most operating systems on computers, office and personal computers, comes with a feature called safe mode. This allows you to trace the origin of many of these problems that plague mobile devices.

Another reason why your phone may have system failures or be something is because the installed applications consume a lot of space in RAM memory, so in this case what you can do is stop those applications.

Safe Mode, how does it work?

As noted. Most operating systems are exposed to failures whose origin could be the presence of viruses, inoperative software, improperly installed applications, among other deficiencies that attack the equipment and become a headache.

In this situation, restarting an Android device in safe mode allows you to operate your mobile device by running only the basic applications. That is, only those applications that the newly purchased mobile has incorporated.


By activating the safe mode you will be able to access the mobile or tablet, preventing the secondary applications that may cause the failure from running. In this way, you can begin to check the status of your device and determine, almost certainly, that the source of the problem is in one of the secondary applications .

How to restart an Android device in safe mode

There are two ways that you can access the safe mode of your device. One, when the mobile is off and another when it is on. The easiest is, the second, when the mobile is on.

If this is the case, the first thing to do is press the physical shutdown button. You should keep it that way until a window appears with the message ” Reboot safely ”

In this window, you just have to click on the word  “OK”  and eureka, the computer will restart in the safe mode function. In this mode, the device will only keep working with the original applications, as the expression says, from the factory.

On the other hand, to start the device in the safe mode function when it is off. The first thing to do is turn it on normally.

Once turned on, the volume down button must be pressed while observing the, it must be pressed until the mobile startup animation starts safely .

At the end of the review, just press the power button until a window with the option of  “Restart” appears, and you will have closed the safe mode. It is important that you keep in mind how to restart an Android device in safe mode, easily and without complications.

Although the safe mode restarts the Android operating system, you should not worry about losing information or changes on your phone, but if you want to be more secure you can always create a backup copy of the operating system of your Android phone.

Other Safe Mode Options

Activating the safe mode on your mobile device allows you to operate exclusively with the original applications present on the device . In such a way that you can discard those applications that you suspect are the cause of the failure or failures.

On the other hand, it may happen that the failure renders the device unrecoverable. Operating in safe mode allows you to extract sensitive files that you have on your device or computer. Before you are forced to take more drastic measures such as having to restore it and lose valuable information.

If you are interested in how to work and the functions of safe mode on your Android phone, do not hesitate to activate it on your Windows 10 PC as well .

When you operate in safe mode, you will see the icons of the secondary applications in gray, which is a signal that indicates that they are inactive. Likewise, you will be able to see the shadow of the widgets you have downloaded, however, they will not appear operational either.

Safe mode is intended to be run when the Android mobile device has problems. It is the case that this function is turned on accidentally or by mistake . That is why it is necessary to know, both how it starts and how to get out of it. Today we show you how to restart an Android device in safe mode.

Another way to repair your phone without the need to resort to safe mode every so often is through the iMyFone Fixppo application , which is responsible for installing a Firmware for your phone’s operating system


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