How to reset your Michael Kors Smartwatch

Resetting factory devices is a process that serves to fix problems presented in it. In the same way, it is also used when a device change is going to be made, therefore, here we will teach the procedure to learn how to reset Michael Kors watches so that you can optimize its operation or link it with another mobile.

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  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of formatting a Michael Kors Smartwatch?
    1. Optimize its operation
    2. Lose all stored data
    3. Link another mobile
  2. What are the steps to properly format the smartwatch?
  3. Can deleted data be recovered from a Michael Kors Smartwatch?
  4. How can a cell phone be paired with the watch again?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of formatting a Michael Kors Smartwatch?

You run the risk of losing a lot of information stored on these devices. Although on other occasions this act can repair some faults that the watch is presenting, let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Optimize its operation

The great advantage of performing a hard reset on a Michael Kors smartwatch is that the device’s performance can be improved. In this sense, when the clock’s memory fills up, its performance begins to drop. In other words, it becomes slower, takes time to open applications, or constantly gets stuck. When doing a reset, memory is freed and the watch recovers running speed .

A factory reset can solve more serious errors and problems that are generated in the Device Software . For example, sometimes an error can appear when you try to answer a call on a Michael Kors watch, as well as when it starts to exit the applications showing errors.

Lose all stored data

The great disadvantage of formatting any device including smart watches is losing the data stored in the device memory. Well, resetting a factory device erases downloaded applications, settings, contacts, photos and other data.

Some things can be saved in a kind of backup. The contacts will be saved in the phone memory and the photos should remain stored in the Wear Os app unless you delete the data from the app. Therefore, it would only remain to make the settings again and download the applications such as WhatsApp and other social networks that you have to use.

Link another mobile

Another possibility offered to do a factory reset of a Michael Kors watch is to change the pairing with the mobile device. That is, you may be changing your mobile and therefore you need to unlink the two devices to connect the new one. In the same way, you may change your watch and look to configure and link your new Smartwatch to your phone . Therefore, for both cases you need to format to unlink the devices.

Sometimes people perform smartwatch formatting to improve the performance of the equipment as we already mentioned above. So, then they must make the pairing of the mobile device with the watch again, by doing so, it counts as if it were being done with another mobile. Well, when the clock is formatted, it does not keep any record of having been linked with this mobile on previous occasions.

What are the steps to properly format the smartwatch?

To start, you must press on the crown of the watch. That is, in the largest button that this Michael Kors device has, this makes the screen turn on and the applications appear. Then you must slide the screen until you find the settings or adjustments .

In this section you must go down to the end to find the system category in which you must enter. There you will see the options to turn off or clock information and in the middle of these two is the one that is used for the hard reset called disconnect and reset. When you press there, the watch will require a confirmation which you must do on the yellow button with the good or check symbol. After this, the watch clears all the settings and data to be left at the factory.

Now, you can also do the hard reset using the mobile phone that is linked to the smart watch. To do this, you must enter the Wear Os app that must be downloaded because it allows you to pair the phone with the watch. Once inside the app you must go to the end of the options to enter advanced settings.

In this section you must also go down to the last option to find unlink clock. This option will be large and in red, it also has the warning that by choosing to do this option, the watch will be formatted and the Wear Os application will be removed. Then a window appears where you have to press unlink clock again to confirm the process.

Can deleted data be recovered from a Michael Kors Smartwatch?

Once the confirmation of the process of resetting a smart watch has been pressed, all data stored on this device is lost. So nothing that has been deleted can be recovered . As we mentioned above, some things like contacts or photos remain in the memory of the phone that was linked to the watch.

How can a cell phone be paired with the watch again?

To link a new cell phone to your Michael Kors watch, you must first do the hard reset to unlink the old cell phone from the watch. Next, in this new mobile you must download the Wear Os application , which is responsible for connecting both devices and passing data between the watch and the mobile.

After having it downloaded to the mobile you must turn on the bluetooth on the watch and on the mobile to make the link. From the mobile you have to enter the configurations or settings, at that moment the clock turns on and the options to configure the language and accept the terms of use appear. Finally, you must follow the instructions that are generated on the clock screen to complete the process and start using the clock.

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