How to reset or reset a locked Apple Watch to factory settings

In the technology market there are many devices, but very few of them may never present problems when using them. This is the case of the well-known Apple Watch , which offers us several very useful functions, and one of them provides for the possible blocking of our device. This is why we will present you a tutorial to learn how to reset or reset a locked Apple Watch to factory settings?

Although there are certain aspects that have to do with its operation and response speed of its applications, which must be improved. The Apple Watch has been a resounding success and great acceptance among the thousands of users who use it every day. And it is highly recommended that you know how to reset or reset a locked Apple Watch to factory settings.

Is that the versatility of this device created by the renowned company Apple is tremendous, in an article prior to this. We were able to show you in a very simple way to make or take a screenshot with this new device.

How to reset or reset a locked Apple Watch to factory settings

The procedure that we are going to teach you to use will work not only if for some reason you have forgotten the unlock code for your Apple Watch. It is also highly recommended that you perform this operation if your device has unusual problems. Like problems connecting with the iPhone or slowness.

But yes, you must remember that if you perform this reset, your device will look as if you had just taken it out of the box. When it happens that you have forgotten the code, you should know that it is impossible for you to guess which key it had. And the only way you can count on your Apple Watch again is through a reset.

To perform the  reset , you will have two options and then we will tell you what they are. The first is, if you have your iPhone, it is paired with your Apple Watch, you can do it through the menu on your mobile. The other way that exists is by connecting through the charging cable to the watch.

But, in the case that for no reason you can access the clock menu, you will go to the home screen of your iPhone and there you will find the Apple Watch App . When you are inside you go to the general menu, among the options that you will see you must search for Reset. Then you must click on the Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings button.

This in the case that it is in English, if it is in Spanish the option will say Delete content and settings from Apple Watch. Next you must confirm the reset, you may be asked for the Apple ID code which must be associated with your watch and phone. This is the first way to reset your Apple Watch, now we will move on to the second method.

Another way to reset or reset a locked Apple Watch to factory settings

This consists of using the cable to connect the Apple Watch , you should know that it is not necessary for the phone to be connected to the watch. The next thing you will do is connect the watch to charge through the cable. Now you press and hold the button on the bottom side and wait until the SOS and the shutdown options appear.

Then you will press the screen firmly, it will vibrate and another option will appear Delete all contents and settings. Select this option so that you can restore factory settings . This process can take an estimated time between 10 to 15 minutes, after this, you will be able to pair your watch with your mobile again.

In this simple way, we have taught you to use two very important methods to reset your Apple Watch. It is very beneficial for you to know how to make use of some functions that sometimes we believe we will never use. That is why in this article we have shown you how to reset or restore a locked Apple Watch to factory settings.


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