How to reset OPPO

For some years now you have owned an OPPO smartphone and all in all you have always found yourself quite well. However, now, you have decided to switch phones, as the model you own is low-end and lacks some features, such as the camera. You have already bought your new smartphone and have decided to sell the old one to recover something.

However, you have a lot of data on your current phone and you don’t want anyone else to be able to access it after you buy it, so you would like to understand how to reset OPPO , in order to remove all data and bring it back to factory settings.

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. during this tutorial I will show you how to reset your OPPO, in order to effectively and quickly remove all the data inside it. Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and continue reading the next paragraphs. Happy reset!


  • Preliminary operations
  • How to reset OPPO mobile
    • Standard procedure
    • Recovery
    • Find my device
  • How to reset OPPO stuck

Preliminary operations

Before you can reset your smartphone, I recommend that you proceed with some preliminary operations , in order to make a backup of all the data inside it. This way you won’t lose all the data on your smartphone and you can keep them safe.

The first thing to do is to synchronize all the data on your Google account , so that you can also have it on your new smartphone, as long as you use the same Google account. This way you can easily have all the contacts synchronized on your new smartphone.

To do this, open the Settings app , recognizable by the gear icon, and go to Users and accounts , select your Google account and set the check mark on all items: to start the synchronization, just tap the button with the three dots at the top right and tap on the Synchronize now item .

Once this is done, I also recommend that you make a backup of all your data on Google , so that they can then be restored and synchronized on your new smartphone as well, as long as you use the same Google account. To proceed, open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear, and go to Back up and restore .

In this screen, set the lever of the item Back-up my data to ON and then tap on the item Backup account : select your Google account from the menu that appears and then tap on the Activate button . Now all you have to do is wait for the procedure to complete in the background.

Do you want to save all your photos? In this case, all you have to do is connect the smartphone to the PC using the USB cable supplied in the package and tap on the File Transfer / Android Auto item from the menu that appears on the smartphone to allow the connection. On the PC, all you have to do is open the File Explorer application and from the side menu click on the item relating to the smartphone model in your possession (for example OPPO Find X3 Pro ): in the screen that appears, click on the item Internal memory or SD card , depending on where you saved the photos, and then copy and paste the DCIM folder inside your PC. More info here .

Do you own a Mac? No problem, just follow the instructions you find in my tutorial on the subject .

Alternatively, if you don’t have a PC, you can back up all the photos on Google Photos , which you usually find pre-installed on all smartphones with Google services. The free plan of Google Photos guarantees a space on the cloud of 15 GB , which can be expanded through a monthly subscription with prices starting from € 1.99 per month for 100 GB . For more information on how to backup photos to Google Photos, check out my tutorial on the subject.

Finally, I also suggest you make a backup of your WhatsApp chats , or other apps you usually use. For further information, then, I suggest you take a look at my generic guide on how to backup Android .

How to reset OPPO mobile

After completing the smartphone backup procedure I guess you can’t wait to find out how to reset OPPO cellphone .

No problem, below I will show you all the procedures you can use to quickly and effectively reset your smartphone. Whether you want to know how to reset OPPO A53s , how to reset OPPO A74 or any other model of the brand, fear not: the steps to take are roughly the same.

Standard procedure

The standard procedure for resetting an OPPO smartphone is quite similar to that of all other Android smartphones and can be performed directly from the Settings. Before proceeding, however, I advise you to remove the microSD card from your smartphone (if it is present): this is only a preventive measure, since usually resetting the smartphone does not include formatting the card.

The first thing you need to do is open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear, and go to System Settings> Back-up and restore> Reset the phone : now all you have to do is tap on the Delete all item data , enter the device unlock code and confirm the operation by touching the Clear data button from the pop-up that appears on the screen.

The smartphone will immediately restart and the reset process will begin, which will lead to the deletion of all device data. The procedure will last a few minutes, after which the phone will restart again and you will find yourself in the home screen, from which you can then configure the system again. More info here .


Another procedure that could come in handy is the one that involves resetting the smartphone via Recovery , a system partition that you can access via a combination of keys when switching on the device. This procedure can be very useful when the smartphone is stuck in the boot loop , so you do not have the possibility to access the recovery menu located inside the Settings.

In order to access the Recovery you must first turn off the smartphone : to do this, press and hold the Power key + the Volume Up key : from the shutdown menu, tap on the Power off button . If the smartphone is blocked, however, just hold down the power button for about ten seconds , until the smartphone turns off.

Once the device is turned off, all you have to do is turn it on again using the Power + Volume Down keys at the same time : when the OPPO logo appears on the screen, release both keys. After a few seconds, the recovery language selection menu will appear on the screen: move up and down with the volume keys and select the English item using the Power button .

On the next screen, select the Wipe data item and then Format data using the Power button : type the verification code that is suggested to you and confirm the operation by selecting the Format button from the pop-up that appears on the screen. If possible, you can also perform the entire procedure via touch-screen.

In a few seconds the smartphone reset procedure will begin: once completed, tap the OK button and the smartphone will restart automatically. After a few minutes you will find yourself in the initial device configuration screen.

Find my device

The last procedure that I want to illustrate is the one that concerns the Find my device function , present in all Android smartphones equipped with Google services. This service of the Mountain View giant allows you to remotely locate a smartphone (as long as it is accessed and connected to the network) and could be very useful if you have lost your phone or been stolen, in order to format it remotely and prevent someone can access the data contained therein.

On older smartphones this function had to be enabled manually in the Settings or through the Find My Device app , available for download on the Play Store . In the most recent models, specifically all those equipped with Android 11/12 , the function is activated automatically when a Google account is entered on the smartphone.

To proceed, the first thing you need to do is go to this web page via any web browser (even from an iPhone, if desired) and log in to your Google account (use the same one in use on your smartphone). Alternatively, you can also use the app of the same name available on all Android smartphones.

Once in the main screen of the service, click on the icon of your smartphone located in the bar at the top left and a menu with three options will open: Play audio, Lock the device and Reset the device .

In this case, since you want to reset the device, click on Reset the device and confirm the operation by clicking on the Reset device button .

In a few seconds the device will reset, which when the procedure is completed will restart on the home screen from which you can perform the configuration again.

How to reset OPPO stuck

You were using your OPPO smartphone as you usually do, but all of a sudden it completely froze on a screen and gives no sign of life anymore. Any tap on the display returns no results, and you can’t even lock it in standby with the Power button.

You are really desperate because you just don’t know how to get out of this situation. Don’t worry, now I will show you how to reset blocked OPPO .

When you find yourself in this type of situation, just hold down the Power button for at least ten seconds : the smartphone will suddenly turn off. How do you say? The smartphone does not turn off? In this case, I also recommend that you try to use the Power + Volume Up keys at the same time .

Once the device is turned off, if it has been stuck for a long time with the screen on, I recommend that you keep it off for a few minutes, so that it can effectively dissipate the accumulated heat.

Now all you have to do is turn on the smartphone again by briefly pressing the Power button . If you continue to have frequent smartphone locks, I suggest you reset the device, just follow the instructions you find in the previous paragraph .


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