How To Reset BIOS / UEFI Factory Settings of the motherboard

Our computers can have many problems, some are simple and someone who does not have much knowledge can repair , the screen may freeze and not work.

Another problem that is very common and that has happened to all of us at least once is that a program does not start because a file is missing .

How to Reset the BIOS or UEFI and Clear the CMOS of the Motherboard of my PC

However, if you have more knowledge, you will probably be encouraged to repair the Windows startup,  install it from scratch , or even make other processes or changes that can damage the BIOS or UEFI and for this reason it does not boot and you have to reset it.

This is not a process that has to be done many times, in fact a regular computer user may never have to do it in their life . However, it is possible that you have accessed the BIOS by mistake or without having the proper knowledge for its configuration and use and have made a change that deconfigured it.


  • Reset BIOS / UEFI Factory Settings
  • Reset BIOS / UEFI and clear CMOS from motherboard

Reset BIOS / UEFI Factory Settings

First you need to access the BIOS for that we must press the key that gives us access to the BIOS, it is usually Delete , although it can be any other key, as soon as you turn on your PC a message appears and it usually says which keys to press to access the BIOS. You can also always look for the manual and if you don’t have it, look for the model of your plate on the internet.

Once in the BIOS and depending on the model of your motherboard, you may get an option that says Factory default configuration, Clear BIOS, Load Setup Default, Factory default, Optimized defaults or any other similar, the important thing is that they will all do the same. We execute it, save changes and restart.

Reset BIOS / UEFI and clear CMOS from motherboard

If you cannot access the BIOS / UEFI because you do not get the message at startup or the computer does not show you video, you must restart it directly from the motherboard, for that you must first disconnect the power cable, the ideal is to remove the cable from the PC power supply and wait at least 15 minutes before starting to manipulate it.

With the PC without power, we open it and look for a round battery, like a clock on the motherboard , and carefully remove it, then we wait about 5 minutes and reinstall it as it was, close the battery again. PC we connect it to the current and check that the BIOS has been restarted.

If for some reason this method does not work we will have to use the jumper or Clear CMOS button , for this we must again, disconnect the electricity cable, wait a prudent time and then open the PC, once open we will look for 3 pins in which there are a piece of black, red or blue plastic that you can remove and put on.

It might be tricky to get to because it’s so small, it’s usually close to the clock battery we removed and reinstalled earlier, it’s also likely under the pins it says something like CLRPWD, CLR_CMOS, CLEAR_CMOS, ERAS, or PASSWORD.

It may also be a small button and it says CLR_CMOS underneath , it may also have the plastic piece on two pins or just have the two pins without the plastic piece and say JBAT1 .

Once you have achieved it if you have the 3 pins with the plastic piece, it will be inserted in the first and the second, you will remove it and insert it again in the second and third pin , if it is only two pins simply you are going to remove the plastic piece or jumper. You are going to turn on the computer to see if the BIOS has restarted properly, if so, you are going to put the jumper back as it was.

If it is with two pins and does not have a jumper, you will have to find a flat screwdriver and very carefully make a bridge between the two pins with the screwdriver, leave it for at least 30 seconds, you may have to do it several times until it works.


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