How to reset a character skill points in Nioh

Reset skill points and choose a different path of development in Nioh

Although Nioh is a rather difficult game, it will not “punish” you too much for incorrect distribution of points when you level up. With eight

characteristics and three stances with their skills, but a limited number of points, you can easily start to go along one path of development. What if you want to try something different?

The good news is that these “mistakes” can be fixed. As you already understood from the name, the game has a way to reset the character’s skills. Since it is not easy to find, we will show you how to reset points in the game:

To reassign points, you must first complete the first two story missions. At the end of the second mission, you will unlock the blacksmith girl Tome, the main supplier of upgrades.

As soon as you have the opportunity, go to her. If you are a beginner and still poorly oriented, then the blacksmith can be found at the starting point of any location. All roads lead to the forge, and on the map it is indicated by a large building.

Once inside, browse through all the items available for sale. You need the Book of Reincarnation. Initially, it costs 10,000 coins. Yes, a little expensive, but not fatal. Please note that with each purchase of this item, its price increases several times (10,000, 30,000, 100,000, 300,000 and, in total, 1,000,000 ). After purchasing the book, go to the warehouse and use it (the warehouse can also be found near the starting point of the location).

After activating the item, your character will be completely reset: all levels will disappear, and with them the spent skill points. The Amrita you spent while leveling up will be refunded. Then we return to the temple and again distribute all the points. In addition, samurai, ninjutsu and magic goggles are also returned in full.

In addition to buying the book from the blacksmith, you can find it in the store of the Hidden Tea House, but this location will appear a little later.

Unfortunately, this system, as you already understood, is not designed to switch between different assemblies during the game. Each time you buy a book, its price goes up. After doing a couple of resets, you will realize that this pleasure is quite costly, and it takes too long for it to earn coins. We advise you to sit back and think over your build, and then stick to it throughout the game.

Nioh is hard, brutal, but also fair game. If even after the redistribution of points and skills your life in it has not become easier, then take a look at our list of tips. Either way, hone your skills and walk the path of a samurai with honor!


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