How to request the Social Security work life report online

The working life report is a document that reflects the companies in which you have worked and for how long you have contributed to them. With this guide you will learn how to apply for work life online step by step.

The work life report is a document that you request on numerous occasions . From negotiations with the administration to request subsidies or subsidies , labor procedures and even some companies are beginning to request it in interviews with candidates to confirm their curriculum. It is an application that you will need at some point in your professional career.

In the work life report all the companies in which you have worked throughout your professional career appear, so it is an X-ray of your work profile. In this guide we are going to show you  how to request your work life report online, step by step .

There are several ways to obtain it, but the most direct and immediate way to obtain the work life report on the Internet is by using the electronic DNI with the certificates previously installed in the browser.

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However, if you do not have the electronic DNI 3.0 or you cannot use it on your PC due to lack of a smart card reader, you can also request your work life through SMS and other methods.

Table of Contents

  • Request your work life report online
  • Different ways to apply for work life online
  • Work life report with digital certificate
  • With Cl @ ve authentication
  • Access your Work Life Report by SMS
  • Get your Work Life Report online without a digital certificate

Request your work life report online

To apply for working life online, the first thing you should do is access the website of the Social Security Electronic Office from this link . For maximum compatibility it is recommended to use an Edge or Firefox browser , but if you already have the electronic DNI and Social Security certificates installed in Chrome, you can also use it.

Once on the website of the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, access the Citizens section and choose the Reports and Certificates option .

In the list of reports that appears, scroll down until you find the one that corresponds to Work Life Report and click on the + sign to display the options to obtain the report.

Optionally, you can also access the Work Life Report from the home page of the Social Security Electronic Headquarters website and scroll down a bit to the Most Seen section, where direct access to the Social Security Report is indicated as the first option. working life .

Both options will take you to the same place from which you can request the Work Life Report from your computer .

Different ways to apply for work life online

Given the importance of the data it contains, the application for working life requires a series of identity checks to certify that the person requesting it is the owner of the information.

For this reason, the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security offers five different ways to identify yourself to obtain the Work Life Report .

Work life report with digital certificate

This system is probably the most comfortable if you have previously enabled the digital certificates of your electronic ID in the browser.



How to renew your DNI online

If it is time to renew your DNI, or it has even expired due to an oversight, you can carry out most of the procedures online. You will get all the information you need and you will save a lot of time. We explain how to do it.

Read the Step by Step

To use it, you must have the DNIe certificate and obtain your own Social Security certificate . You need a DNIe reader to read your DNI data.

If you have the necessary certificates and a DNIe reader, you just have to insert the DNI in the reader, and access the Digital Certificate option . Next, a box will be displayed in the browser in which the certificate to be used appears. Click OK to complete the identification, and enter the password for your DNIe.

Once the verification process has been completed, click on the link Click here to open the report and you will access your Work Life Report, which you can download in PDF form from the options that appear in the upper right corner of the browser.

With Cl @ ve authentication

The Cl @ ve system allows you to identify yourself in the portals of the State Administrations to carry out fiscal and labor procedures safely through a temporary code or a fixed username and password.

In order to use this system you must have previously registered and verified your identity in the Cl @ ve system . You can use either of the two identification modalities of Cl @ ve (User + Password or temporary code) to obtain the Work Life Report .

When you click on User + Password , a box will open in which you must enter your username and password in the Cl @ ve system , while if you choose the Cl @ ve option , it will take you to the Cl @ ve system page so that You can choose the way in which you will receive your access identification code.

Once you have access to this code, it will take you to the access page to your Work Life Report .

Access your Work Life Report by SMS

If you don’t want to get complicated with digital certificates and records, you can get your Work Life Report using SMS identification . In this way, you only need to have your mobile nearby to be able to access the Work Life Report.

Click on the Via SMS option and a new window will open in which you must complete the information requested, among which is your Social Security Affiliation Number, your ID and, above all, the telephone number in the one you want to receive the SMS.

It is important that the phone number you insert in this form is the same number that you have registered in your Social Security account . Otherwise, an error message will appear and you will not be able to access your Work Life Report. In that case, you would have to go to a Social Security center and update your data.

If the phone number is correct, you will receive an SMS with a code on your mobile. Enter that code in the Enter your code box in the form that has appeared and click Access to get your Work Life Report in the easiest way .

Get your Work Life Report online without a digital certificate

The last method to request the work life report is to do it without a certificate, although for this the Social Security must have your updated data and you will not be able to access your work life report online since with this system the Social Security sends it by mail postal to the address you have indicated.

By clicking on the option Without certificate , you will access a form that you must complete with all your updated information. If these data do not coincide with those that appear in the Social Security database, it will not allow you to access the Work Life Report.

Once all the data has been completed correctly, the system displays a summary of the data inserted, as well as a reference number of the request that you should write down in case you want to check the status of the request later. In a few days you will receive your Work Life Report by post at your home .


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