How To Request new content from Netflix

Netflix has completely changed the way we consume audiovisual content from home, making this one of the simplest processes today. Where we can see any type of film, series or documentary just by clicking on a title available without commercial interruptions, in all types of languages ​​and with all types of subtitles.

First of all, you must take into consideration that we are talking about a fully paid service, therefore depending on your location it is recommended to check how much Netflix costs and how to hire a free month , so that you can have an idea of all the available plans and which one one of them best suits both your tastes and your needs.

Similarly, there are also options to pay for Netflix with cash, with or without a card using all kinds of methods available in your region, in order to automate the monthly bill payment without having to worry about it, unless you want to cancel your subscription in order to pay for another of the many streaming services available.

Taking into account all the points mentioned previously, once you have your Netflix account active you can easily enjoy it, although it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with its configuration and customization options. For that reason, today we will teach you how to request or request that series and movies be added to Netflix using Title Request.


  • Request new content from Netflix
  • Alternatives to looking for the title you suggested elsewhere

Request new content from Netflix

Despite being one of the main streaming services at present, on many occasions it may happen that we do not find a title available that we want to see within the Netflix platform, due in large part to the way in which the content pool is It has diluted between different platforms such as HBO, Disney, Hulu and Amazon, causing the content to be dispersed.

Similarly, Netflix has an option integrated into its platform so that you can request any type of content that you want to see within its services so that you do not have to choose another streaming service, in order to save money and stay subscribed. to the Netflix streaming service.

To do this, you just have to log in to your Netflix account and then enter the Netflix help center , within this section you must click on the Quick Links option and then on the Request series or movies section, where you can fill out a form With up to three different suggestions, finish the process by clicking on the red Send Suggestion button.

Once you make the suggestion, this will not mean that the title you proposed will be added briefly, you must be patient. Netflix usually analyzes the popularity of these suggestions first of all to begin the process of adding said title on the platform if it is not available within other streaming services.

There are many factors that influence the process to add a movie or series to the Netflix platform, since first of all they must make sure that the rights to the title are not found in another service and are available to be negotiated for its diffusion. on the platform.

Another option you have available to follow up on your suggestion is to call Netflix customer service , and in the event that Netflix adds any of the titles you suggested at some point, it will send you a notification. so you can be aware.

Alternatives to looking for the title you suggested elsewhere

In the case that you do not want to wait for Netflix to upload the suggested title to its platform, there is a wide range of external applications to check which streaming service the title you want to see is on. You can check the following applications for it.

  • JustWatch:Within the JustWatch platform you can check where any type of movies or series is available on streaming services as well as pay-per-view services.
  • Reelgood:While with Reelgood you can consult in the same way as in JustWatch, except that it will additionally show you sites to see the free content.


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