How to reproduce or mate horses and donkeys in Minecraft

Thanks to the latest game updates, in Minecraft we can enjoy a large number of animals today. In fact, many of these can be tamed and served to our benefit, perhaps providing us with food, transportation, companionship, protection, etc.

As in the case of equines. If you want to know how to reproduce or mate horses or donkeys in Minecraft , here we explain how.

How to Play or Pair Horses and Donkeys in Minecraft

Donkeys and horses can be very useful for us in the game, since they allow us to transport our belongings and have excellent transport easily and quickly . That is why we recommend that you keep reading and discover how you can have more of these animals at your disposal very easily.

How to mate horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

There are many animals that we can enjoy in the world of Minecraft . And what makes the gaming experience even better is that we can not only admire these animals, but we can tame them and have them by our side for when we need them. In addition, of course, to be able to improve them with armor, saddles and chests, as is the case with horses and donkeys.

In fact, it is also possible that we reproduce or mate them to our liking, this with the intention of having more of these animals at our disposal. In the case of transport animals , unlike the many animals that are used for farms in Minecraft , our intention with them is to even have them as pets.

If this is your intention and you want to discover how to mate horses and donkeys , then you will not regret to keep reading and discover how to achieve it easily. Of course, there are certain details that you should take into account before starting this process.

What do you need to know to mate donkeys and horses in Minecraft?

Before you can mate these animals, you need to know where to find them. For example, if you want to have donkeys in-game, you need to start by looking for them in the savanna and grassland biomes .

On the other hand, you can find horses in open places where there is grass, no matter the biome. You will be able to see horses in herds of 2 to 6 animals, and donkeys can be in groups of 4. Also, donkeys are more difficult to find.

They are always wandering in the environment, and we can tame the horse and the donkey in a maximum of 20 minutes , depending on the food we give them to achieve it. And, to the surprise of many, these two animals can be mated with each other, resulting in the mule.

What do you have to do to mate horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

Once you know the basics about these animals, it is time to mate them. To begin with, in the case of a horse, you must feed two horses that are close to each other, with golden carrots or golden apples . You must do this until the baby appears, so it is recommended that you look for lots of apples and carrots.

The calf will remain with the mother, or some other adult if she dies, until it is an adult. Similarly, the donkey can be mated in the same way as the horse. Of course, you should keep in mind that neither of these two animals is very easy to tame, let’s say, so you must be persistent.

On the other hand, if we want to breed horses and donkeys with each other, all you have to do is put them both close together and feed them until a baby comes out. Mules cannot be found naturally in biomes, so you need to do this in order to have one. Also, you can’t reproduce them with each other, just like in real life.

Having domesticated animals is a huge benefit for anyone looking to advance in Minecraft . Not only does it allow us to have a pet that makes the game much more entertaining, but it also provides a really efficient transport and makes it easier for us to carry our things.

We hope that all this information can be of great use to you when playing, and that you manage to have all the horses, donkeys and mules you want. May nothing ever stop you from being the best player you can be.


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