How To Report a tweet on Twitter

Twitter has become the most important social network today due to its ability to generate social change through the exchange of short messages. With users in all corners of the world communicating with each other on all kinds of topics, without any kind of censorship whatsoever to promote communication processes on the platform.

In this way, within the platform of this social network you have multiple options available to communicate with other users through mentioning or tagging someone in Twitter tweets, citing other people’s tweets with comments and private messaging. Therefore, with options to communicate both publicly and privately, Twitter has achieved such popularity.

With that in mind, you have at your disposal a powerful platform for personal use, digital marketing, promoting social change and for looking for or finding work without experience . In such a way that Twitter adapts without any limitation to any type of need you have so that the use of the platform becomes better and easier for you.

Therefore, Twitter is a social network completely dedicated to social communication between users without censorship , which may seem like an immense advantage but at the same time it brings certain disadvantages by having many users who take advantage of it. For that reason, today we will teach you how to report an offensive or abusive tweet or post on Twitter step by step.


  • Report a tweet on Twitter
  • Set up your Twitter account to block offensive content

Report a tweet on Twitter

Taking into account that we are dealing with a social network where all the events of the world are commented in real time where everyone has the opportunity to comment on it, on many occasions the controversy tends to be unleashed due to the offensive opinions of other users who represent an attack on your personal, religious or political beliefs.

Thus, reporting an offensive tweet on Twitter is extremely easy. You just have to locate the tweet in question and click the three dots in the upper screen on the right hand side of the publication to open the drop-down menu of options. Within this menu you will have available the option to Report Tweet to report said offensive publication.

Next, a window will open with the options available for the report , where you can select that the tweet is not interested, is suspicious or spam, commits abuse or is harmful, expresses suicidal intentions and finally you will have available to consult the rules and policies Twitter related to reporting a breach of the same.

In many cases, after reporting the tweet, the platform will ask you to fill out a more detailed form in relation to the report made, where they even ask you for an image of the tweet in question. In such a way that you have the possibility to make complaints about all types of unauthorized offensive content or criminal activity within the platform.

It is also important to mention that when you are making a report, you can check the updates box so that Twitter will keep you informed of their actions regarding your report, so that you have the possibility to follow up on it.

Once you have finished the process of reporting the complaint, Twitter will provide you with recommendations to improve your experience within the platform , in order not to find offensive material again.

Set up your Twitter account to block offensive content

Twitter has been adding new functions in order to improve your experience within the social network and filter all types of content that may cause you annoyance within it, whether due to abuse or cyberbullying.

Through your account settings, you have different options available to silence or deactivate notifications from a person or account on Twitter in case you do not want to use the functions available to silence, block or report a particular user within the platform.

Within the settings, the option to silence words on the platform is also available , so that you can silently silence any type of content that may offend you. With this option you will not only be able to silence words, but also hashtags and accounts of other users for a period of time determined by you.


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