How to repair Office files

Today we are going to see how to repair my corrupted Microsoft Office files or documents online . We will see a few options that we have to be able to recover those damaged Office files that contain important information.

Microsoft’s office suite is one of the most used around the world. Millions of people enjoy all the advantages and benefits that this suite has compared to other alternatives. Although every so often it may happen that a file is damaged.

This can happen for many reasons and not only in a program like Office, it can happen with anyone. The problem is that sometimes we do not have a backup copy of this file and it contains important information that we do not want to lose.

What can we do? What we must do is try to recover it, in this way we can get all that information that we think we had lost in a matter of a few minutes.

For this reason, I want to leave you two fairly simple tutorials so that you can learn how to recover Office files online with this very useful service. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it is not free. However, we add it here because it is the one with the best file recovery rate.

We will also show you a very useful program that will allow you to recover any kind of Word, Excel, etc. file in a matter of a few minutes. That you have damaged quickly.

Repair Office files with online services

The first thing to do is go to the Online File Repair website . One of the easiest online services to use today. So the process to repair your file online is actually quite quick and simple.

This online service allows you to repair up to 10 different types of files, including Microsoft Office files . You can use this service from any device, be it Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

  • The first thing you will do is click on the green button that says ” Select file “.
  • We add our email and then press ” Next “.
  • Here we will have to finish loading the file and begin repairing it. It is a process that can take a little while, so I recommend that you have a lot of patience.
  • Once the process is finished, it allows us to see the result in a preview.
  • The only problem is that in order to download the repaired file it is necessary to pay a sum of money. Unfortunately it is not a free service .

How to repair Office files with programs

In case the previous option did not convince you or you simply want to try others. So Recovery Toolbox is a program that will be quite useful, since it is a simple tool to use and that gives very good results.

  • Once the program is downloaded and installed, we proceed to open it.
  • Now we are going to have to choose the damaged file that we want to repair.
  • Next, you will have to click on ” Analyze “.
  • After being analyzed, if the file can be repaired, you can click on ” Start Recovery ” and you will have to choose how you want to save the file.

After this, all we have to do is wait for the process to finish so that we can get hold of our file, repaired and ready to use as usual.

As you can see, actually repairing or recovering a Microsoft Office file is too simple and we have several options to carry out this process. Likewise, if you still have any kind of doubt about it, you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little further down.


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