How to remove URL in Google Search Console

In case you don’t know, and you are about to start a web page, there are certain methods, which you must take into account to guarantee its success. These require monitoring and maintenance to be aware of what users like. Whether you have experience or not, what you will explore in this article is quite important. Learn how to remove a URL or Web from Google Search Console .

Google Search Console What is it and what does it work for?

It is a free tool offered by this search engine, to allow web page creators complete information about its operation. With this you can go to observe and optimize the positioning, see the number of clicks per web address and many other things.

If you have a web page or a blogger blog, you may have already indexed your websites to the Google search engine, if this is the case, you can check that Google has correctly indexed your website.

Through this, you can see how Google reflects your page to users and know in what aspects you should improve. It is a great improvement on the previous tool, “ Google Webmaster Tools ”. These new updates were created, with which you do not need to be a technical expert to know how to use it.

Through Google Search Console, you can be objective when looking at the performance of your website and yourself as a developer. Since, instead of thinking that things work because you like them the way they are, with Google you will see reality.

In addition to Google Search Console, another product of this great technology is the Google Keyword Planner that allows you to search for the right keywords to improve the positioning of your website.

How Google Search Console works

The main function of this application is to analyze the way users see a site and their behavior. You can see how they got there and in this way, it allows creators to understand how it works and to make improvements to it.

Using a fairly simple and intuitive interface, Google Search Console provides data and analysis so that your website or e-commerce can improve its web positioning strategies.

Likewise, you will have easy access to data from Google itself about your website. These can be the most searched terms in it, the most viewed URLs and those that have errors. Also, security issues and statistics.

If you have a personal blog or blogger page and you have a problem with Google Search Console, you have the option to manually index your Blogger posts .

Principal functions

  • Track the errors that affect your website. Through this function, you can see the URL faults and errors of the site itself . This will let you know if your site has relevant content.
  • Optimize the structure of your site and detect security problems in it. If the site has been invalidated or has malware, Google will detect the problem and even guide you with steps to solve it.
  • Monitor your website traffic and know which pages are successful within it . Through the search results, you will be able to know what leads users to a particular page and the number of times the following actions occurred. Number of clicks per page, number of occurrences of the URL to a user, and number of user clicks by country.
  • Also, with this application, you can remove a URL or Web from Google Search Console in case you do not want the results of a search to appear.

Steps to remove a URL or web from Google Search Console

Being able to remove a URL or Web from Google Search Console is one of the most important possibilities that this application offers. With this you can temporarily or permanently block sites that you own so that their search results are not included.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that if you want to remove a URL or Web from Google Search Console, it must be in a property that belongs to you.
  • Open the section ” Withdrawal Tool ” and then click on the section ” Temporary Withdrawals ” select ” New Request “, Finally, you just have to select if you want to ” Remove URL temporarily ” or “Delete URL stored in cache “.
  • Select “Next” to submit the withdrawal request, it usually takes a day to see the results. You just have to be aware that it has been accepted. Likewise, a tip is to remove all URLs that go to the first Syrian removed.

Another Google tool that will help you improve the functioning of your website and make it more user-friendly for your visitors is the Google Disavow Tool that allows you to remove and disavow toxic links.


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