How To Remove the watermark from Filmora

Being able to edit videos can be quite a chore. Depending on your creativity and knowledge in the field of publishing, it can take a long time to complete an edit . However, much of the process can be greatly facilitated through the correct editing program.

And, although there are many, an editor should really choose one depending on their level of expertise. So if you are a beginner editor, one of the best editing software you can go for is Filmora.

How to Export and Save a Video in Filmora without Watermark

When it comes to home videos and other types of videos that are not too complicated to edit, Filmora has everything you need . But, it has a small problem which is that even if it has a free version, whenever a video is rendered, you will be able to see the Filmora watermark in one corner of the video.

This can be very counterproductive, as it can make your video look a lot less professional. The idea is that people do not know what editing program you are using because they can give a good idea of ​​how much effort you could have put into it.

Given the latter, it is good to always have alternatives and to be able to work without the watermark. And, if changing the editing program is not an option for you, you may want to follow the tutorial that we have here for you so that you have to export a video with the annoying Filmora watermark. Check out everything you need to know below.

What is Filmora?

When it comes to video editing software , FIlmora probably stands as the absolute favorite among beginners.

It is perfect to be able to edit videos through trimming and adjustments so that it has a professional quality without it looking pixelated . It really does bring all the basic tools you may need. It even brings with it the tools to be able to manipulate green screens and even layers. It’s really good for all those basic actions ranging from placing a text to making a transition effect that can be done in a video, and more if you have the skill for it.

Also, there is the detail that it is completely free. But this free version comes with some limitations. Among the most annoying is the fact that every time you export and save a video, it will come with a watermark.

This can be very unprofessional and adds an undesirable or aesthetically pleasing object to your video. This is why the program invites you to pay for its premium version. Unfortunately this is the only legal way to remove the watermark.

Removing the watermark from Filmora

Being able to remove the Filmora watermark from a video that you are going to export can be quite an annoying process, but one that is worth it. For this, you will have to Google some data, but nothing to write home about. Now, all you have to do to do this is the following:

  • First, you should have a video completely ready. This has to be edited with through Filmora with everything you needed. Once the video is ready , you must go to the button on the right that says Export or Export .
  • Now, a window will appear where it will ask how you want to export your file and then save it. But, it will also invite you to register the program. For now, you only agree to register the program.
  • At this point, you will have to do the appropriate search on Google and buy Filmora to enter the relevant data in the fields, as it is the best way to eliminate this.
  • From now on you can export and save videos without a watermark.


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