How to remove the unlock pattern on an android cell phone or tablet without deleting data?

Have you forgotten your Android unlock pattern? See how to remove the unlock pattern on an Android phone or tablet without erasing data.

The Android operating system, present in smartphones and tablets, has gained popularity among technology users, not only because of the accessibility and friendly environment it offers, but also because of the customization capacity it has.

How to Remove the Unlock Pattern on an Android Phone or Tablet without Erasing Data – Quick and Easy

The latter is because it is based on open source, also known as free software . Those who have programming knowledge can make, at their own risk, modifications to adapt the operating system to their tastes or needs.

Another area in which this software offers advantages is security, over time new technologies have been added that allow you to choose between different ways to keep devices safe.

Android security

For example, on some devices you can choose between facial recognition, finger recognition, numeric key or unlock pattern as a security method for your device. If you want to make comparisons and know which unlocking system is faster between Face ID and Touch ID? We invite you to read the article from the previous link. There is no doubt that each of these alternatives have advantages adapted to each user.

In addition, they ensure that the information stored on such devices is kept private in the event of theft or loss, and even in the event of interference from onlookers. It is for this reason that most people are in a constant search of how to improve security and privacy on Android phones.

However, it can happen, and it is more common than it seems, that you forget the lock pattern you use to access your device. Due to advances in security standards, getting these devices unlocked is not so easy, but continue reading this article where we will give you some alternatives to solve this situation.

3 Methods to remove the unlock pattern on an Android cell phone or tablet without erasing data

Method 1: Use your alphanumeric password

It is important to note that the recommended methods are for equipment you belong to, under no circumstances is it recommended to unblock other people’s or stolen equipment .

If, in addition to the unlock pattern, you have established a numeric or alphanumeric password, you can make five attempts to unlock until the system allows you to use that other established method.

Now you only have to enter the password that you programmed at startup to be able to access your computer without having to delete the stored data.

Method 2: password recovery

In case your device does not have another unlocking method, you have another option. After several unsuccessful attempts to unlock, it will ask you to verify your details.

To use this method you need to be connected to the internet , either through mobile data or connected to a Wi-Fi network. In addition, you must remember the Google account data that you have initially configured on the device.

After entering this data, the wizard will guide you through a series of steps to re-establish a security method on your device and finally give you access to the device without having modified the stored data.

Method 3: Use Google to find my device

Many current Android devices include among their applications the application ” Find my device ” that helps users locate their devices in case of loss and lock them remotely.

For this method to work, you must have given your device access to your Google account, activate your location, be visible on Google Play, and have enabled two-step verification for backups.

If this has been the case, you can use this application to unlock your device. You just have to access the Google website Find my device and log in with the Google account configured on your device.

Among the devices available to locate, select the one you want to unlock. Now you must select the Lock option and set a new password for the device .

After verifying the password, wait a moment while the system sends you the message that the procedure has been carried out successfully and log into your computer with the new password established.

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