How to remove the password from a protected Excel sheet

Microsoft is considered an indispensable program for carrying out very important work, so it is sometimes necessary to enter a password in an Excel sheet or workbook.

The Office package that this company has created has revolutionized the world from its beginnings, mainly due to its high degree of utility , which prevails to this day.

The use of each of its programs applies to any area of ​​people’s daily lives, which is why they have specific functions for each situation.

Due to this, they are adapted to the different degrees of professionalism that can be applied within each software. One of these cases is password configuration , allowing a specific number of users to be the only ones capable of working with the content.

In case you have or want to make a document of this type, through this article you will discover the different types of permits that exist and how to maneuver them.

Difference between password protect and encrypt in Excel sheet or workbook

Spreadsheets are very useful documents in the professional field, as it allows the realization of graphs , reports, calculations, data recording, among other things.

Since both Microsoft Excel and the other programs that make up the Office suite have this protection function, it is possible to apply them in a very simple way through all published versions.

However, there is a small difference between the two: mainly, when you protect a document. It is simply to prevent anyone doing the reading from being unable to change any aspect of the sheet .

On the other hand, when placing a password in a word document or an Excel spreadsheet. It means that it is mandatory to have knowledge of said encryption in order to view the content.

That is why there is currently a varied number of pages that are dedicated to breaking this encryption , which really should not be a cause for concern. Well, both aspects only try to avoid the modifications of the content reflected in the Excel workbook.

Learn how to remove the password in an Excel sheet or workbook

Since there are two types of encryption that can be applied to the spreadsheets created within this program. It is more effective to specify what function each page published within this article fulfills.

Remove Excel protection

When it comes to protection, they are those files that you can open in the same way that you usually do. Only they show a notification of being “Read Only” files.

This is done so that no one who obtains the document is trained to modify a line. Formula or data found within the sheet.

Therefore, to remove this configuration it will be necessary to save the file in question. Making sure its format is XSL.

When opening the default browser of your computer, you must enter the following page and when it is loaded, click on the button “Add file” .

A small window will open where you can go to the address of the document and you just have to open it within the page. Which will be responsible for loading and modifying it, and then adding it to the list of our downloads again, but unlocked.

Delete password in Excel sheet or workbook

A negative aspect of the pages that is responsible for eliminating the encryption of the sheets. It is that they have a requirement to make a prior payment to obtain said service .

This is why removing a password from a spreadsheet is considered difficult to do. Well, Microsoft takes care that its security parameters are absolute.

However, if you think you can afford it, LostMyPass is an effective tool. Which takes only a couple of minutes to enable you a password-free file .

Therefore, although it is regrettable. It is advisable to consider twice before acquiring or setting a password within an Excel workbook or sheet, since the degree of protection is absolute.


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