How to remove the Gmail session

Do you want to make sure that the email application no longer has access to your private emails? It is best to log out of Gmail : this way you will be prevented from consulting your account . And there are two ways to do it: from the phone itself and remotely. We tell you how to act in both.

The most used email application on Android allows you to manage the different inboxes in addition to offering other functions, such as chat and video calls from Google Meet . It is essential for many users and holds a large amount of private information; data that can end up in the wrong hands if someone has access to Gmail . That is why it is worth knowing how the session is closed : both from mobile and remotely.

How to remove the Gmail session if you have the phone

It is the most common: you need to remove all personal traces of the mobile, including emails. To do this, you have to start by deleting the Gmail session : in this way the application will lose access to the mailboxes, preventing it from finding out what they had sent you (or what you sent).


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In the event that you still have your Android, and you still have access to all the applications, the process is simple: perform the following steps.

  • Enter your Android settings.
  • Go to the ” Users and accounts” menu .
  • Click on the account that corresponds to the Gmail account.
  • Click on ” Delete account” and the session will be removed from your Gmail, but also from the rest of the apps you use with that account.

When you delete a Google account from the phone, you remove the session from Gmail, but also from the rest of the applications that use that profile . Google Play, Drive, Chrome … Once you log into one of them, the rest of Google’s software will also log in, including Gmail.

To ensure that you do not leave private information in Gmail once you have logged out, it is best to delete all the data that the app has saved on your Android . Let’s see how.

  • Access your device settings and go to “Applications”.
  • Locate Gmail and enter its settings.
  • Go to “Storage and Cache”.
  • Delete all data, both from storage and cache.

With both steps, both by logging out and by deleting the saved data, you ensure that no one will be able to access your private Gmail content . That is as long as you have the mobile in your possession: if you got rid of it, lost it or it was stolen, you must remove the Google session remotely.

How to remove the Gmail session if you do not have a mobile

Google lets you remove the account from any device where you have registered it. This implies that, if you remove it from your old phone, whoever finds it will not be able to access Gmail or the rest of the applications that make use of the Google profile ; like the Play Store, Drive, Chrome and so on. This way you make sure that nobody will read your private data: neither emails nor passwords.


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You can remotely remove the session from any device where you have registered with the Google account. The process is the following:

  • Access the “Your devices” page from any browser, whether desktop or mobile.
  • Log in with your Google account to view all devices with your session.
  • Click on the “More details” of that mobile, tablet, watch, computer … from which you want to remove the Gmail session; along with all Google applications that use that profile.
  • Click on “Close session” and confirm the closure.

Google will delete the profile of the selected devices, preventing access to all the applications where you logged in with your account . Gmail will no longer be active.

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