How to Remove the Bandwidth Limit of the PLDT ADSL Router


  • 4 Steps to Limit Wi-Fi Bandwidth on a PLDT Router
    • Benefits of traffic shaping (QoS):

The PLDT router is one of the most commonly used routers. Don’t get confused about the PLDT provider company , we’re here to discuss the PLDT router.

Setting up a PLDT router is quite simple. In my experience while directing someone to limit the bandwidth of his PLDT router, the QOS setup was completed in just under 7 minutes. Yes, it worked, and now I will share the same guide to help you limit your PDLT router Wi-Fi speed in order to keep the maximum speed for yourself.

PLDT provides home ADSL routers along with packages. If you brought this router with you and you have limited data associated with many active clients, then limiting the bandwidth on your home PLDT ADSL  router can help you save on data usage for sure.

You can use the QoS setting on your PDLT router to control the download and upload speed of other Wi-Fi users connected to your router.

You can select a specific device by its MAC address to limit the speed.

Because the process will be done online using your browser, you won’t need an Ethernet cable to complete the setup.

If you need to block unwanted devices, you can enable MAC restriction for your router or hide your WiFi SSID as well. This will be the best idea to prevent unwanted connection to your router.

But now let’s discuss the WiFi speed limiting process. To do this, you just need to use the Traffic Shaping option on your router.

If you can’t find the shaping option, just follow the steps below to limit the Wi-Fi bandwidth on your PLDT router:

4 Steps to Limit Wi-Fi Bandwidth on a PLDT Router

Step 1
First, go to the ADSL login window and login with your credentials. [ Username: adminpldt and password: 1234567890]

Step 2
Then open ” Advanced ” settings and click ” QoS “. Now click on ” Traffic Shaping “.

Step 3
Then click the ” Add ” button to set the bandwidth limit. In the form, simply fill in Src MAC with the device’s MAC address. Now fill the top floor, top floor and bottom floor, bottom floor. Then click the ” Apply ” button.

Step 4
After you click “Apply”, just to save the settings, click ” Save/Apply “.

QoS is now complete for the device whose MAC you entered. Now this person will not be able to use the extra bandwidth from your wireless network.

Benefits of traffic shaping (QoS):

  • You can use full speed if your device speed is not limited.
  • Other Wi-Fi users will not be able to get more speed than the one you set for them. Your data will be saved.
  • You will get more speed and be able to complete the download faster than before.
  • The QoS setting is permanent. The MAC address is the main part here. Always set the correct MAC address to successfully limit bandwidth.


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