How to remove the background from videos

Best free programs to remove the background in a video to replace it with a different one, with a color or with an image

When we share a video on social media often the background does not do justice to the subject or to the foreground shot, greatly diminishing the surprise effect and the possibility of capturing many more Likes or shares. If the background of our videos is a problem, we can remove it digitally without having to become video editing professionals or refined directors: today it takes very few steps to remove the background from the videos and thus obtain a subject ready to be edited (for example by adding a different background or to overlay the one from another video we had prepared).

In this guide we will show you how to remove the background from videos using some PC programs, some apps to download on our smartphone or tablet or a website that offers completely free tools to remove the background of videos or GIFs.

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How to remove video background

In the following chapters we will show you the programs that we can use to remove the background of videos for free, without having to pay for licenses or to unlock features. If the computer we are using does not allow you to install new programs, we suggest you use one of the sites in the dedicated chapter, so that you can still remove the background without having to change your computer.

Remove video background from PC

The best program we can use to remove the background from videos is VSDC Free Video Editor , available for free from the official website .

By opening the video in this complete editor we will be able to remove the background with a simple video effect. To proceed, right- click on the video in the timeline or on the preview at the top , click on the Video Effects menu , click on Transparency and finally on Background Removal . A window will open with some options for applying the effect: leave everything as it is, press OK and check the correct application of the effect. If we do not notice anything different, we must add a second video with a green background ( green screen ) to be able to act in an even more professional way: for this reason we invite you to read the official program guideHow to use VSDC as the video background separator (Chroma Key effect) .

Another program that we can use to remove the background from videos is Movavi Video Editor , available for free as a trial from the official website .

Also in this case it is advisable to use a video with a green background ( green screen ) to be able to change the chromatic key and thus obtain the desired background removal. To proceed, we open the program, load the video and the green screen (the latter on the overlay line of the Timeline), press the green screen, click on the gear-shaped icon (located immediately above the Timeline), click on Chromatic key and tweak the voices until you get the desired effect. To learn more, we can also read Movavi’s official guide on how to apply the chromatic key.

If we want to test other video editing programs that can remove the background and replace it with something else, we invite you to read our guide Best programs to edit videos for free .

Remove video background from smartphone or tablet

If we want to remove the background from the videos directly from the smartphone or tablet, without going through the PC, all we have to do is download an app like KineMaster , available for free for Android and for iPhone / iPad .

With this app we can edit each video and, also adding a green screen, activate the chromatic key by pressing on the video to be superimposed and choosing Chromatic key among the video options. If we have an iPhone or an iPad we can also use the EraseChange Video Background app , available for free on the Apple App Store .

By opening the app and loading any video, we can easily remove the background and move the chosen subject into another video, so as to be able to create really complex video montages with a few taps on the screen. If we want to discover other apps to edit videos from smarphone, we invite you to read our guide App to edit videos and edit movies (Android and iPhone) .

Remove online video background

If the methods seen so far have not convinced you completely or we are looking for something even easier to use, we invite you to immediately try the Unscreen web service , accessible from the official website .

By learning this site from PC, Mac, Android or iPhone we will be able to upload any video in MP4 format, WebM or a GIF downloaded to the device and remove the background in a few clicks, adding the transparent effect or choosing which background to apply to our selection. It is currently the fastest and easiest method to use to remove the background from videos and, since it is compatible on any platform, it is worth keeping it handy in your favorites. If we want to try other sites similar to Unscreen, just read our guide Online video editing sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects .


Removing the background from the videos is not a simple thing, since in most cases we will still have to get a green background to overexpose the original subject and mount it on the chosen program or app, using the Chroma Key or Chromatic Key function, so as to get a green background on which to place any type of alternative background; the only tool that works immediately without too many frills is Unscreen, which allows you to immediately remove the background online without having to do any preliminary steps or learn new video editing techniques.


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