How to remove the active and last connection on Instagram

Privacy on social media is something we have to take care of ourselves; once we create an account on a social network like Instagram . That is why something we always recommend is that you know how to remove the asset and the last connection from Instagram . Something that we will see a little further down.

How to REMOVE the Active and Last Connection on Instagram

Surely on some occasion this brought you some kind of problem. Perhaps you receive messages and for some reason you do not want to or cannot respond quickly and this can cause problems of all kinds.

When we open the application to view posts or share stories . In private chats, a green icon appears on the right side of our profile photo . This icon indicates that we are using the application at that moment.

If we close the app the icon disappears and our contacts can see how long we have stopped using the app . This is a privacy problem that has a fairly simple method to solve it and it is an option that Instagram gives us.

The only bad thing that you should keep in mind is that if you use this method you will not be able to see the activity of any of your contacts either . Therefore, you should keep in mind that if you do not want to be seen online or your last connection, you will not be able to see others’ either.

In turn, you can activate and deactivate this option as many times as you want. Even if you want to do it several times a day, there is no limitation in that regard. It is a simple method that we will see below and in a few steps you will know how to remove the asset and the last connection on Instagram .

How to prevent the last connection on Instagram

The same application allows us to decide if we want our contacts to see if we are active using the app and the last connection. Therefore, we are going to use the options provided by the application in question.

  • The first thing we must do is go to our profile and click on the three lines that are found in the upper right.
  • A new menu appears and we go to ” Settings ” found at the bottom.
  • What we do now is go to ” Privacy “.
  • After this we have to search for ” Activity status “.
  • Now you will see that ” Show activity status ” appears and we see that it is marked in blue. If we move the button, it turns gray.

Which means that no one will be able to see when we connect to the social network or the last connection.

How to delete the asset on Instagram

It is too simple a way and above all fast things in order to be able to remove the asset and the last connection on Instagram . Although, as we mentioned a little above, the only bad thing is that you will not be able to see the activity of your contacts either.

This option can be activated or deactivated as many times as you see fit without any kind of problem. Since there is no kind of limit related to it.

Another option that you should take into account is to use applications like Unseen that allow you to even read Instagram messages without leaving the seen . This application is not only useful for Instagram, but it also works for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp .

In this way you can gain a lot of privacy when using social networks and perhaps with some luck avoid the occasional problem that these networks may cause. Which is more common today than we’d like.


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