How to remove stretch marks

They are almost impossible to avoid. Let’s see how to remove stretch marks or at least prevent them!

1 Causes

2 How to prevent stretch marks

3 How to remove stretch marks: natural remedies

4 How to remove stretch marks: diode laser, fractional laser and infiltrations

how to remove stretch marks


Stretch marks are one of the most common blemishes. They initially appear as reddish lines that turn white once healed.

We often notice when they are already healed and, therefore, difficult to eliminate.

They can be imagined as tears in the skin, caused by the poor elasticity of the fabric. These tears usually appear due to hormonal changes or changes in the body. Especially when you suddenly get fat. However, some people are more predisposed than others.

How to prevent stretch marks

The sudden physical transformations and the classic yo-yo effect, that is, losing weight and regaining it immediately, contribute to triggering the problem.

Therefore, prefer healthy and balanced diets that help you lose weight gradually.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid gaining weight. Especially if you are experiencing hormonal changes, growth or pregnancy.

In these cases, you can count on a healthy diet and proper hydration.

Drinking plenty of water is apparently taken for granted. However, it is really essential to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

Foods that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, kiwifruit, peaches, flax seeds, whole grains and nuts can also be very useful.

How to remove stretch marks: natural remedies

When it comes to white stretch marks, prevention is a key factor. To prevent red stretch marks from atrophying, the advice is to nourish the skin. The loss of elasticity makes the formation of lesions in the epidermis easier. The prevention of these imperfections is possible if you follow some recommendations:

physical activity;

the use of a sunscreen;

abstaining from smoking and alcohol;

aesthetic massages.

Stretch marks can be eliminated or improved with oils, creams and natural remedies when they are red, i.e. still fresh.

The products that are usually recommended are those with glycolic acid. Otherwise it is recommended to massage the skin daily with products based on sweet almond oil , avocado and tocopherol, i.e. vitamin E.

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This oil is particularly suitable for massaging the most sensitive skin, from pregnant women to newborns. It should be used after bathing and showering. It should be massaged gently on damp skin until completely absorbed. Constant use will allow you to appreciate the benefits on the skin that will acquire softness and elasticity.

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Avocado oil contains many valuable substances such as magnesium, lecithin, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. This makes it ideal for achieving perfectly toned skin.

Vitamin E, mentioned previously, on the other hand, tightens the skin and acts on tissue degeneration.

Other natural remedies for stretch marks are rosehip oil and snail slime which improve the appearance of scars. Don’t forget shea butter, which deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, flaxseed oil, for collagen production, and coconut oil.

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Shea butter is known for its multiple uses and can be used on both the face and body. It deeply hydrates and has a healing action that makes it perfect for small skin abrasions and on breastfeeding fissures. This is my favorite prevention product.

PLEASE NOTE: All oils and butters must necessarily be used on damp skin or hair !!!!

To work, the treatments must be used consistently every day or every other day.

Another tool that can be useful is the dermaroller , to be passed on the skin before applying the anti-stretch mark products to make them penetrate and act better.

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How to remove stretch marks: diode laser, fractional laser and infiltrations

Fresh stretch marks can also be completely eliminated with the diode laser, a soft laser that regenerates the skin. It usually takes about 10 sessions, one a week.

When stretch marks have already healed, it is much more difficult. There are targeted treatments such as the fractional CO2 laser. This laser removes small portions of the stretch mark decreasing its size. It must be repeated several times, at least 3 at a distance of 40 days from each other.

During one session and the other, infiltrations of hyaluronic acid or collagen are often performed.

The filler which, thanks to injections of small doses of collagen, allows you to fill the groove left by the blemish. This restores the natural condition of the skin.

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