How to remove slime from carpet

Folk and professional remedies go hand in hand in the fight against stains. Will they be able to remove the slime from the carpet without leaving a trace?

We will analyze it in the article. We will also show you a couple of life hacks on how to remove slime from the carpet without damaging it.

Removing the slime from the carpet: what is needed?

To get rid of a sticky toy, you first need to figure out its composition, and only after that you select an arsenal of detergents. Most slimes contain PVA glue, gelatin, water, corn starch, dyes, and toothpaste. And also glitter, sparkles and beads.

And to the question of how you can remove slime from the carpet, you can try detergent for fabrics and dishes, solvent-based adhesive, nail polish remover, stain removers and even an apple bite.

From the inventory, you may need brushes, cellulose napkins, a spray bottle, a knife / spoon, or something else that makes it convenient to collect the substance from the surface. Gloves to protect your hands and a container in which you can dilute the detergent will not be superfluous.

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How to remove wet slime from carpet

As practice shows, it is much easier to get rid of contaminants left by a fresh substance than one that has time to dry out. If you find a spilled slime on the carpet, the first thing to do is to try to collect the remains of the toy that did not have time to soak into the pile / fabric of the carpet.

It is better to scoop from the edges to the center of the blot so as not to smear it. It is time consuming but necessary. The more “slurry” you manage to collect, the easier it will be to deal with the stain.

Then you need to let the drip dry. You can use ice to freeze the slime mark a bit. After – the carpet should be vacuumed. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner only on a dry slime, otherwise there is a risk of clogging the filter and damaging the motor with a sticky substance.

After the preparatory measures, you can start cleaning the coating. To avoid damaging the carpet with an aggressive cleaning or stain remover, it should be tested on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet. After the test, the cleaning compound can be applied to the stain. For this, it is better to use a spray bottle.

Alternatively, you can use a solvent to remove slime from carpet. It must be applied to a rag and pressed for 10-15 minutes to the place where the slime was lying. At this stage, it is important not to overdo it with the product, there is a risk of dissolving the carpet backing.

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Next, you should wipe the carpet with a rubberized cloth, in the direction from the edge of the dirt to the middle. If traces remain, a small amount of the stain remover should be used again. Then the surface must be rinsed in hot water and left to dry.

How to remove dried slime from carpet

In the case of a dried slime, the situation is a little more difficult than removing a fresh slime from a carpet. A simple stain remover will not be enough. It is necessary to use solvents. It can be aggressive household chemicals, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or, known to every motorist, WD-40.

First, with a knife, they scrape off the slime particles from the surface of the carpet, trying not to damage it. Then you need to vacuum at the most powerful mode. Then a solvent is sprayed onto the mark, leaving it for 7-10 minutes, and then again the dirt is scraped off. And so repeat 3-4 times, until all the dried part of the toy is removed.

After that, another task arises – how to remove the colored greasy stain left after the slime from the carpet. Carpet cleaners or a concentrated soap solution are suitable for this. They are applied to the carpet and left for 20 minutes. In order not to damage or discolor the carpet, it is necessary to choose household chemicals specifically for this material.

As soon as the stain is removed, the surface of the contamination should be rinsed with hot water 2-3 times, as greasy particles could penetrate to the lining itself. After all the procedures, it remains to dry the palace.

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How to remove stains after slime

To help – stain remover and soap:

  • A stain remover is applied to the dirt (it can be used both for clothes and for working with upholstered furniture and carpets). Oxygen-based products will be quite effective (sodium percarbonate is present in the composition in the form of soda and hydrogen peroxide particles), which must be “brewed” with boiling water to activate all the elements. After – air foam should be applied to the carpet and left for the time indicated on the package (ideally 15-20 minutes).
  • As soon as the substance is absorbed into the dirt, it is wiped off. The residues are washed with water and the agent is reapplied.
  • Then the carpet is washed with detergent, and then excess liquid and foam are removed with a thick textile towel or multilayer paper napkin.

If, after trying the above methods, you cannot peel off the slime from the carpet, you should use the services of professionals. Or, again, try your luck with improvised means or solutions bought in a store.

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Improvised means

You can try folk remedies:

  1. Lemon juice and alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio, add sea salt (a pinch is enough). Apply the mixture to the stain, cover with a cloth.
  2. You can spread the hair mask over the area of ​​contamination, and after 10 minutes remove it with a dish sponge. The rest of the slime should go with it.
  3. Starch or baby powder, which will cover the parts, helps to get rid of the slime grains. This will make it easier to get rid of the toy.

Specialized chemistry

You can also use specialized products to get rid of slime stains. The table says about their cost and features:

Means Price Specifications
Fleckenteufel – stain remover up to UAH 100 Liquid removes stains with non-ionic (foaming) particles
Dr. Schnell Forin Tex 5 liters for 500 UAH Sold as a concentrate, which should be diluted 1:10 with water, whipped into a lather and applied to dirt
Pip a bottle of 260 ml will cost 300 UAH Eco-remedy with hypoallergenic composition. Can be used for manual cleaning or filled with a vacuum cleaner

It will be easier to clean the slime from the carpet if you remove the fresh remains of the toy with a stain remover or solvent. It should be chosen based on the degree of pollution and the material of the carpet. The main thing is not to panic and act quickly.

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