How to remove shadowban on Twitter

Do you think your account has been externally limited without notification? Find out how to remove the shadowban on Twitter.

Have you noticed that your tweets generate a lot less interaction all of a sudden? You may be interested in knowing how to remove the shadowban on Twitter . Many users suddenly find that their activity on this social network is remarkably limited compared to the past, and one of the reasons may be because Twitter has decided to put it in the shadows.

In general, the shadowban does not usually go beyond a period of between 48 and 72 hours , since it is not a permanent suspension but a provisional measure of Twitter on an account. In these cases, it is best to leave the account resting during that time and then resume the activity.

After that break, it is advisable not to use tools that publish automatic tweets or that help to artificially increase followers, retweets or likes. It is likely that the interests you chose when setting up your account are under the magnifying glass of Twitter, so the option to edit that list can help you. Ultimately, contacting the platform’s customer service can help you figure out what to do so that the shadowban is lifted.

Another more radical option is to create a new account , but if the account that has been punished with the shadowban already has a long history behind it or a considerable number of followers, this task can be much more difficult than waiting two or three days.


Tools such as blocking our account or deleting it are not foreign to most, but not everyone knows what a shadowbanaon Twitter is . When this occurs, it is because from the social network itself the impact of your publications is limited , making your comments not appear to a foreign tweet or that not even your content or your username appears in the internal search engine of Twitter .

In this way, users affected by a shadowban will not receive any notification that their account has been banned or blocked by Twitter. Your tweets will simply no longer be visible to others, which can be a major disruption for someone who uses Twitter for corporate purposes or whose work is highly dependent on their presence on the platform.


“I have never violated the terms of use of the platform, why do you censor me on Twitter ?” This scenario is also very frequent, since the shadowban does not have to be strictly linked to content that promotes hate speech, violence or violates any other rule. In addition to the violation of these terms, which can lead to account suspensions rather than a shadowban without notice, there are other factors that play a role.

Users who have created an account but have not confirmed their e-mail are liable to be put in the shade temporarily, as well as those who have not chosen a profile photo. The huevito23 will have more difficult to have visibility until they do not configure their profiles minimally.

The spam or activity rampant publishing , mass follow other users (quite common when the account is new) or using automated publishing tools not play in your favor.

Regarding behavior, there are some words that raise alarms on Twitter due to its aggressiveness, controversial or insulting nature towards other users. Similarly, Twitter also takes into account what type of users block or silence you , as well as the nature of your followers or the content they promote.

Finally, the number of followers and the followers / followed ratio has its influence, since accounts with less than 500 followers are more exposed to a possible shadowban , as well as those that follow many users but are hardly followed. In short, a reasonable and, above all, natural use of the social network will be the best antidote to avoid the uncomfortable shadowban.

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