How to remove passwords in Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser, like other browsers, offers to save passwords when entering various sites and saves them by default. I don’t know about now, but earlier during installation it also imported saved passwords from other browsers. In some cases, you may not want him to keep storing them.

This instruction details how to delete passwords in Yandex Browser: separate saved passwords or for all sites at once.

  • Removing passwords in Yandex Browser
  • Disable automatic saving of passwords
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Removing passwords in Yandex Browser

To delete saved passwords in Yandex Browser, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the browser menu (three bars at the top right in the title bar) and go to the “Settings” item.
  2. In the settings, open the “Passwords and Cards” tab.
  3. Here you can see which sites have saved credentials and delete passwords: all at once, if you check the box to the left of the Site item, or individually check the box to the left of the site name (appears instead of the site icon when you hover the mouse pointer).
  4. If you have a lot of passwords and you cannot find the site you want in the list, enter the address or site name in the “Search for passwords” field at the top of the left panel, and then check the required sites.
  5. After setting a check mark or several, the “Delete” link appears at the bottom, clicking on which deletes data from the Yandex Browser storage.

After the uninstallation is complete, it is enough to close the “Passwords and Cards” tab and use the browser as before.

Attention: if you have enabled synchronization with a Yandex account (visible when you click on the menu button in the browser), then the passwords will be deleted from there as well. If synchronization is disabled, then only on the current computer.

Disable saving passwords

If necessary, you can disable automatic saving of passwords in Yandex Browser in the future, for this:

  1. On the same settings tab “Passwords and Cards” open the “Settings” item from the panel on the left.
  2. Scroll down to the Passwords section. Uncheck save passwords and autocomplete in browser. The keynote is the first “Save passwords as default”. Please note: if you disable the “Allow sites to save passwords for automatic authorization” item, then each time you enter some sites (for example, social networks), the password will have to be entered again.
  3. Below, on the same settings page, you can turn off the offer to save bank cards.

After unchecking, the settings for saving passwords are applied immediately – there is no “Apply” button here.

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