How to remove or remove the background color of an image in Gimp

Photo editing has been a magical thing for a long time, being able to add effects or change aspects in an image is something amazing. In the same way, image editing has been carried out by professionals in the area, who use very complex methods. There are applications that allow you to edit multiple photos at the same time.

But lately this has changed, with the technological expansion and access to technology that is currently available; Therefore, performing any type of task is now much easier. Such is the case with image editing programs, which are more accessible than ever.

These programs are developed in order to make the editing process much easier, we can find specialized programs for each editing area . From professional programs with very complete tools, to simpler programs to perform basic tasks.

What is Gimp and how to remove the background color in an image?

Currently, there are many programs that we can find available to edit our images. These can be downloaded from their official pages and for multiple platforms.

One of the most practical to use to perform this type of task is the Gimp program, this program was officially launched in 1996. Since its launch it has proven to be an efficient program capable of performing any type of task and you can update it to its latest version.

It bases its operation on the bitmap style and it is possible to edit both photographs and drawing images. This program currently has a large number of users, who for many years continue to choose Gimp as their preferred program.

This is thanks to the fact that Gimp is a program that maintains its popularity over the years. Every so often it offers new updates to its general interface , as well as its functionality, each time better and with more capable tools, such as rotating the images.

One of the actions that we can perform with this program in a very simple way is to remove the background color from an image . In this article, we will learn in an easy and simple way the steps that must be followed to eliminate the background color of an image with the Gimp program.

Steps to remove the background color from an image with Gimp

The process of removing the background color from an image can be done by various methods that the Gimp program offers us. One of the easiest methods is through transfer layers .

If we want to remove the background color by this method, the first thing we can do is open our image with Gimp . For this, we go to the location of our image, right click on it and select the option “Open with”.

A list of options with several programs will be displayed, we must select Gimp. In this way, our image will open with the program, now we just have to click on the “Select” option located at the top of the screen, then we select everything.

Next we go to the “Layer” option and select it, a list of options will be displayed, we must click on the “Transparency” option . On the right side we choose the option «Add alpha channel» .

Then, we go to the section of the tool icons, depending on the version of Gimp that we have, they can be located on the right or left side. In this section we must look for the option with the magic wand icon and select it.

Likewise, we press the Delete key and voila, we will have successfully removed all the background color from our image. Finally, we only have to save the image file that we have edited.

To do this, we go to the “File” option located at the top left of the screen and select it. A list of options will be displayed, where we must select the option «Export as» .

A window will appear, in the bar at the top we put the name of the file and change the file extension to .PNG. Then, we choose the location of the file and select “Export” and that’s it.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to remove the background color from an image in Gimp by following these steps? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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