How to remove corns

How to remove corns. Corns and calluses are thickened areas of the skin that form when the skin is put under excessive pressure or friction. In this article we will see how to remove corns .

Calluses are common in the form of growths on the feet. They can be painful and itchy, but there is help for them! Here’s what you need to know about how to get rid of corns
1) I would start by dipping my right foot at least once a day before bed so that dead skin cells can naturally flake off over time without pain or discomfort like 2 ). If done correctly this should leave new healthy tissue behind which will heal faster than if no treatment had been applied 3). Other ways include using medicated creams / ointments made specifically to treat these conditions 4), Some people also choose topical remedies such as tinctures made from plant extracts.

They typically develop on the feet but also form on the hands. Corns and calluses are often confused but have some differences:

Calluses are smaller than corns and are characterized by a central area surrounded by inflamed skin.
Calluses are only rarely painful and tend to develop on the soles of the feet.

They usually disappear simply by eliminating the cause of the friction or pressure.

If you have diabetes or other conditions that hinder circulation in your feet, corns and calluses run a risk of complications.


Calluses can develop when the skin rubs against something. They frequently form on the sole of the foot because this is the area that receives the most body weight.

Activities such as running or walking barefoot can cause calluses.

Other causes of corns can be:

  • dry skin,
  • reduction of fat pads,
  • wearing shoes and sandals without socks,
  • activities without the use of protective gloves.

Calluses are often due to inappropriate shoes that are too large or models that exert too much pressure on a specific area.
Calluses often develop on bony feet.


Corns and calluses are characterized by the presence of one or more of the following symptoms:

thickened and rough skin,

small lump of raised skin,

pain under the skin,

flaky, dry or waxy-looking skin.

The hard consistency of the callus / callus can easily tear the tissue.

If the callus or callus starts to ache very badly or becomes inflamed, see your doctor.

How to remove corns and calluses

To treat corns and calluses, it is usually sufficient to avoid the actions that caused them.

Comfortable shoes and protective gloves may be recommended.

You can possibly use a pumice stone or a foot file to thin the skin that is hardening, or the specific products available in pharmacies and specialized stores.

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How to remove corns : Foot care products

Pharmacies offer a wide range of products for healing thickened skin.

Examples of products that can be useful are:

special moisturizing creams for thick skin, special protective plasters ,

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soft pads or custom foam rubber soles.


Prevention of corns and calluses requires attention to your feet and the choice of proper shoes.

Completely dry your feet after washing them and apply a dedicated moisturizer.Regularly use a pumice stone or foot file to gently remove any hardening. If using a pumice stone, make sure it dries completely between successive uses.
Wear suitable and comfortable shoes.

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