How to Remove Bookmarks from Kindle Fire Devices

Contrary to what many people think about the low interest in reading of people, e-books have become very famous. To get the most out of this taste, Amazon launched a computer that allows you to read digital books. Among the functions of the Kindle Fire are bookmarks , if you have abused them or want to delete some, you should continue reading the article that will help you.

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  1. How to remove unwanted bookmarks on a Kindle Fire tablet?
    1. Delete them from the Silk browser
    2. On the home screen with the ‘Web’ tab
  2. How to delete bookmarks and notes from the ‘Kindle Fire Reader’ application?
  3. What to do to Manage Amazon ‘Kindle Fire’ Device Bookmarks?

How to remove unwanted bookmarks on a Kindle Fire tablet?

The Kindle Fire are computers very similar to tables and their main function is that the user can enjoy reading a book. Different types of electronic formats such as magazines, newspapers and books can be stored in it.

Kindle Fire users know that this device is more than just an e-book reader. Although it is true that at the beginning that was its purpose, its developers have incorporated new features to this series of devices, ranging from browsing the Internet to playing music , among many other things.

Another very useful function for users of this equipment is the use of bookmarks. This resource allows you to record a signal on a particular page , so when you want to access it again you can easily get it.

Delete them from the Silk browser

If you are new to markers, surely you have made a mistake when marking where it should not be. Now if you have time using it, you may notice that you have many brands and want to eliminate the less important ones.

If you have a downloaded book on your computer and you want to get rid of marks that are already annoying, you can be happy, since there are two ways to erase the bookmarks on a Kindle Fire. One of them is through the Silk browser , to achieve this you must look for the icon of three horizontal lines and click on the menu tab. Then choose the marker you no longer want and delete it

After this, you can verify that only the pages you want have the bookmark so that you can easily locate them. So your reading will be more pleasant and complete.

On the home screen with the ‘Web’ tab

Another way to remove bookmarks is from the home tab of the web . You must remember that with these devices you can surf the Internet as you do with any other computer. So you can not only use bookmarks to identify a page in a book, but you can customize your device with the websites of your choice.

In order to remove bookmarks from the home screen of a website, you must click on the web tab of your screen and locate the bookmarks section.

Then, you must select the bookmark you want to delete and keep it pressed until it asks you to confirm the deletion . If you want to delete more than one bookmark, you have to repeat this process with all the bookmarks individually.

How to delete bookmarks and notes from the ‘Kindle Fire Reader’ application?

Kindle Fire devices are full of interesting functions for its user, in it you can change the background of the screen or use a printer to have a physical page with content that you have previously highlighted. And not only this, you can also take screenshots and expand its capacity, among other things.

If, in addition to the bookmarks, you also want to delete the notes you have made about a paragraph in a book, you can do it with very simple steps. You just have to start the application and read the newspaper, magazine or book. Then press anywhere on the screen with your finger until a new window pops up.

When you can see the notes section, you must select the one you no longer want and keep it pressed until you get the option to delete. If you want to delete more than one, you must do it individually.

What to do to Manage Amazon ‘Kindle Fire’ Device Bookmarks?

Like any desktop or mobile computer, your Kindle Fire can reflect the order you like to have with your things, that is, if you are messy out of habit, your computers will look like a mess. If, on the contrary, you try to manage your documents effectively, you can get the most out of your team and get your notes or marks more easily.

That is why it is recommended that you order your bookmarks according to your needs , from the most important to the least. Once you’ve created a bookmark, you can edit it and move it around, as you see fit.

With the Kindle Fire you can download books without having to leave your home, you can also lend that information to someone you know for a short time to benefit from it. This versatility gives these teams an important place in the virtual market. If you have one, don’t hesitate to give it the best possible use.

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