How to remove Bluetooth devices in Windows 10

Initially Windows 10 is an operating system which was designed by Microsoft, it has been officially on the market since 2015. This system is designed for tablets, smartphones, laptops, among others and has compatibility through Bluetooth devices that can connect two or more on the same PC

This operating system has great improvements compared to 8.1 and the inclusion of Xbox live, in addition, the menu of this system has been completely redesigned.

It should also be noted that you can have Bluetooth accessories in your Windows 10 operating system that you do not know how to remove and that you no longer need. For this reason, you must know the steps you must follow to eliminate those devices from the list of available, then we will explain how to do it.

Steps to remove bluetooth devices from Windows 10

On many occasions, the amount of bluetooth accessories that appear in the list of available has been uncomfortable for you and that are more than desired. Therefore, eliminating these accessories is a good idea to have the ones you really need added and thus optimize the use of your computer.

Microsoft is a complete system that has thought about all the details, because instead of hiding the devices that are not available, it gives you the option to delete them . In this way, you will keep your accessories tidy, in addition, bluetooth devices can be removed easily and easily.

First you must verify that the bluetooth connectivity is active , this step can be verified in the notification tool. If this tool is on, you will see a blue light, otherwise you must activate it.

Then you must open the operating system configuration, in that section you will see the option “devices” . Then you will find the list of all bluetooth accessories that are configured with your computer.

You must locate yourself on the device that you want to delete and click on the “remove devices” option . The bluetooth device you selected will automatically be removed from Windows 10.

You can also carry out this procedure to remove each of the devices that you no longer need from your bluetooth list. It is a simple technique that can be done in Windows 10 to remove these accessories that are no longer needed.

By performing this method, everything will be perfectly organized and it will be easier for you when using your bluetooth, you will not have problems with the names and this procedure will prevent you from making the wrong devices and wasting time wanting to pass on information.

Error deleting a bluetooth connection in Windows 10?

It is important to mention that currently electronic devices can communicate and therefore transmit information through bluetooth. For this reason, Windows 10 has improved each of its tools and the compatibility between devices is successful.

However, it should be noted that on many occasions they can be inconvenient when you want to remove a bluetooth device from your list.

What you should do if you are presented with this error is to deactivate and activate the airplane mode , a simple restart could solve this problem. This can be achieved by entering the Windows 10 Connectivity Center.

At the end of this step you will be able to enter the bluetooth devices again and try to eliminate it, since Windows should allow it.

Another option that you can implement is to restart the Windows 10 bluetooth service, to locate yourself in this option you must search for “services” this section will take you to a series of options where you must choose “Bluetooth technical support service” .

When locating in it, you must click and select the option “restart in the context menu” . This option will take care of restarting the bluetooth service of your operating system.

There are several steps you must follow to be able to remove these accessories from your computer. In case you have an error, you can solve it without any problem by following the steps mentioned above.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to remove a bluetooth connection in Windows 10? Do you know of another method to perform this action? 


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