How to remove Bing from Windows 10 search box

We are going to explain how to remove Bing from the Windows 10 search box , so that when you search for terms, those of the search engine will not appear as results. When you do this, your applications, documents, folders and other items will appear in the results, but the Web tab with search engine results will no longer appear .

This is something we have always been able to do, but after the May 2020 Update the way of doing it has changed , and the previous method has stopped working. Even so, it is something quite simple, although it requires making changes in the system registry , something that can lead to spoil your Windows 10 in the case of making a change that you should not. Therefore, stick to doing only what we will indicate step by step.

The Windows 10 search box is a curious element. It has a dedicated button on the taskbar, but it is also partially integrated into the start menu, so that if you press Start and start typing, the results do not appear in the start menu but are taken to the box. searches.


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Disable Bing from Windows searches

The first thing you have to do is enter the Windows 10 Registry Editor. To do this, open the start menu and type the term regedit so that it appears in the Windows 10 search bar. Click on the Run as option Registry Editor box manager .

Once you enter the registry editor, you have to navigate to the folder Computer \ HKEY CURRENT USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer . You can do this by copying and pasting the address in the window bar, but also entering folder by folder in the left column.

In the event that the Windows folder does not have a subfolder called Explorer , you will be able to create it yourself. To do this, right click on the Windows folder that is inside Computer \ HKEY CURRENT USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft , and in the pop-up menu choose the New options and then create a Key .

Once you have made sure you are in Computer \ HKEY CURRENT USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer , even if you have had to create the Explorer folder to get to it, right click on its content. In the pop-up menu, choose the New option , and then hit DWORD Value (32-bit) to create a new value within the folder.

You will create a file inside the Explorer folder, and this file or value you have to call DisableSearchBoxSuggestions . Then, double-click on the value, and in the window that opens, in Value information write the number 1 instead of the 0 that comes by default. Once this change is made, restart your computer.

After making the changes and restarting the computer , when you start Windows again, you will see that Bing has stopped appearing in the search results of the internal Windows search engine. If you want to revert the change and see the Bing results again , all you have to do is go back to Computer \ HKEY CURRENT USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer , delete the DisableSearchBoxSuggestions value that you have created and restart again .


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